Emmerdale spoilers: New romance blossoms, deadly ultimatums and a shock arrest

Emmerdale is set be drama filled as ever next week.

Fans of the ITV soap are in for a treat as Emmerdale cast member Vanessa Woodfield gets arrested, Rhona and Graham take their romance to the next level and Kerry' Wyatt's life hangs in the balance.

Here are all of the Emmerdale spoilers for this week:

Kerry's condition takes a turn for the worst

As the factory fire starter Kerry remains in a critical condition, Amy, Dan and Amelia nervously wait for her to come around.

Things take a turn for the worst when medics are called to Kerry's hospital bed due to a concerning complication.

Amy watches on in horror as the crash team try – and fail – to revive her mum.

Amy threatens Tracy with the police

With Kerry still in a critical condition, Tracy is left worrying that she'll be sent to prison.

Her sister Vanessa and friend Charity try to calm her down but will their words ease Tracy's conscience?

A fearful Amy visits the house to pick up some of her mum's belongings but tensions soon rise when she tells Tracy that she'll be informing the police about the altercation between the housemates.

Charity and Vanessa try to reassure a guilt-ridden Tracy that Amy is just trying to frighten her.

Vanessa gets arrested following an argument with Amy

Later on in the week, a protective Vanessa gets on the wrong side of the law.

Charity's girlfriend gets into a spat with Amy at the hospital and accidentally pushes a nurse.

She is later arrested when the police are called.

Mandy impersonates Lydia in a new money making scam

When a new mysterious face arrives at Wishing Well Cottage, Mandy is intrigued and later finds out that the stranger is a solicitor looking for Lydia Hart.

Sam Dingle's partner has been sent a large sum of cash from an unknown benefactor.

Mandy sports an opportunity and pretends to be Lydia before trying to flirt the money out of the solicitor.

Ryan finds himself on the wrong side of Kim

Ryan makes a stand against Kim Tate and plans to go to the press about the upcoming outdoor centre, claiming the facilities aren't up to scratch.

Kim is left unimpressed and gets Graham to do whatever it takes to keep Ryan from following through with his threat.

Romance blossoms between Graham and Rhona

Love is in the air for Rhona and Graham as things hot up between the pair.

The unlikely couple make a plan to see each other again.

Emmerdale returns to ITV at 7pm on Monday

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