Emmerdale spoilers – Tracy set for further heartbreak as Nate cheats on her

Tracy Metcalfe hasn't been having an easy time of life in Emmerdale.

Between her struggles with postnatal depression and bringing up her daughter Frankie almost singlehandedly while partner Nate is busy with work on the farm, things finally looked to be taking a more positive turn when she got the psychiatric help she needed.

Ever since the split with her husband David after the revelation of Tracy's past as a sex worker came to light, she hasn't been very lucky with men.

And now things are set to get even worse, as Nate spends the night with another woman.

Emmerdale spoilers have revealed that Tracy is set to open up to Faith about her relationship with Nate, who suggests the young mum organise an intimate date night with her partner.

But, unaware of her plans, Nate heads into Hotten with Billy for a cheeky lads' night.

In Hotten, Nate finds himself being chatted up by a woman called Fiona, while back in the village a disappointed Tracy sends her boyfriend a sexy picture to show him just what he's missing on his big night out.

Unfortunately, Nate ends up breaking his phone and completely misses the text.

Later, Nate continues to chat to Fiona, and Tracy fails to reach him on the phone when her worry increases.

And the next day, it's up to Billy to lie to Tracy about the night before.

Nate's behaviour is certainly set to break some hearts, especially after he supported Tracy through her postpartum struggles and she got him through the prospect of a jail sentence after taking the rap for Belle Dingle.

Meanwhile, there are more baby problems on the horizon for Gabby Thomas, who is left frustrated that all her friends are busy partying and she's stuck inside with her son.

She soon palms Thomas off on both Bernice and Kim.

Later, Bernice is left proud of her daughter when it looks as though Gabby is finally ready to take the lead in caring for Thomas Tate – but is she?

Nate later gets involved as he erupts into a row with Bernice, as he angrily accuses her of raising a spoiled brat.

Will leaps to Bernice's defence and they bond – but could there be a new romance in store for the pair?

Emmerdale airs from 7pm weeknights on ITV.

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