Emmerdale theory: Chloe Harris’ killer secret exposed in horrifying twist

Emmerdale: Cathy asks to join Noah and Samson

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Chloe (played by Jessica Elland) has been quite the mystery since her arrival in the village of Emmerdale last year but the likes of Kerry Wyatt (Laura Norton) and Noah (Jack Downham) have been rather more focused on making sure her father doesn’t get in contact with her. For the young man, his interest in his love interest has become somewhat of an obsession as he has refused to let his advances be rejected by the young woman. In upcoming scenes on the ITV soap, he is going to cross the line in terms of respecting her privacy and in doing so, he could finally discover her secret.

The drama begins in next week’s episodes as Noah’s stalking of Chloe continues, having recently put a tracker on her phone.

However, it seems his plan isn’t working as he’s shocked to see her walk into the beauty salon, despite the tracker saying she was somewhere else.

Quizzing the young woman on why she doesn’t have her mobile, she explains she has lost it and it’s not long before Noah tries to find it.

Chloe is left over the moon when he returns it to her and she sets about contacting Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) to arrange another date.

Unfortunately for her, the plans don’t go ahead and watching from the shadows, Noah bumps into her and offers her the tickets he has to go to an escape room.

By this point, Noah is firmly back in her good books but Chloe still has no idea she is being watched every minute of every day.

In her eyes, the young man is a rational, reasonable person with only good intentions, making her see him in a new light.

As Noah’s stalking ups a gear, he gets his hands on a new drone and decides he is going to watch his love interest from her bedroom window.

What is even more sinister is the camera is recording the young woman, so Noah is able to watch her whenever the curtains are closed.

The next day, Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) decides to offer the teenager some advice on how to win around his love interest.

Just have to watch and see

Jessica Elland

However, it seems Noah isn’t going about things in a conventional way and when she leaves her bag unattended whilst on a date with Jacob Gallagher (Joe-Warren Plant), the young man sees a chance to get closer to Chloe.

He steals her house keys from her open bag and Noah is soon heading around to her house to have a look around the place.

Noah relishes every moment he is in there, looking through her wardrobe and her drawers where her most private possessions are.

What could emerge during his search is a hidden box, with newspaper clippings of the announcement her sister Gemma had died.

The deceased has played a part in her sister’s introduction to the show as she was the person who donated her heart to Sarah Sugden (Katie Hill).

It was explained to Sarah Gemma had died in a car crash but this might not have been the whole truth about the fateful day.

In the box, Noah could find a diary which Chloe has been writing her thoughts down in and it could be revealed she caused the crash.

This means she killed her sister but to investigators, it seemed as if the crash was a complete accident and no one was to blame.

With this information, Noah could completely destroy his love interest’s life or he could use it to blackmail her into a relationship.

As he continues to have a look around the room, the young man hears Chloe come home and he hides in her wardrobe, hoping he won’t be found.

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The next day, at Sarah’s party, Chloe asks Noah to walk her home, some indication he wasn’t found lurking around her bedroom.

He is thrilled his manipulation of her is working but just how long will he be able to keep her killer secret harboured for?

When she joined the soap last year, the actress who plays Chloe, Jessica, hinted her character is hiding something mysterious about her past.

Jessica explained: “I’ve seen quite a few of [the theories]. I think I have seen all of them, not by choice as I don’t go looking for that stuff on social media, but my friends have been sending me them.

“My dad and uncle have called me ‘Creepy Chloe’ a few times because that has been in quite a few articles.”

The soap star added in an interview with the press, including Express.co.uk: “As far as a favourite, I think all of them are good, to be honest.

“There’s some juicy theories out there and it’s fun to see people guessing, and trying to investigate and connect the dots, and bringing up old storylines, but I have to say that no one has got it right yet, but they are fun to read.

“I think [viewers] will just have to watch and see [to discover Chloe’s secret],” but will it be revealed in upcoming scenes?

“It looks all glamour and luxury on the surface, but there is a dark reason behind her wealthy lifestyle,” the actress continued.

So does this mean she killed her sister so Chloe could get her hands on the family money?

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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