Emmerdale: Vanessa Woodfield's 'return’ explained

EMMERDALE’S Vanessa Woodfield makes a shock appearance via Zoom next week to celebrate her and Charity’s anniversary.

But will Vanessa – who is played by Michelle Hardwick in the ITV soap – ever be returning to the Dales in person? Here’s the lowdown…

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Is Vanessa returning to Emmerdale?

Official spoilers have revealed that Vanessa will be making a virtual appearance next week when Tracy organises a romantic anniversary date for her sister and Charity.

Charity has a hoot as she enjoys dinner with a mannequin with a tablet stuck to its head and Vanessa’s face on the screen.

Spoiler pics show Vanessa wearing the same mask she wore during her first kiss with Charity back in 2017, when they found themselves locked in the pub cellar together.

Soap fans took to Twitter to express their excitement at the upcoming scenes: "I love how Emmerdale could have easily just killed Vanessa or have Charity cheat or whatever but no they decided to be extra and have a dress up mannequin and an iPad and be all romantic."

Why did Vanessa leave Emmerdale?

Vanessa departed from the village in May as she continues to battle bowel cancer.

In reality, Vanessa’s exit was created to facilitate actress Michelle Hardwick’s maternity leave.

Talking about Vanessa's exit, actress Michelle revealed that Charity's mission to adopt Vanessa’s son will continue despite Vanessa’s absence.

Speaking to Metro, Michelle revealed: "Charity adopting Johnny is a massive step in their relationship.

"Obviously with me not being on-screen for the foreseeable due to my pregnancy, the story will continue going forward as Charity navigates her life and parenthood in the absence of Vanessa.”

Will Vanessa be back on screen in Emmerdale?

The news that Michelle is having a baby has left fans fearing that show bosses will kill off her character after losing her battle with cancer.

And Michelle hardly reassured viewers when she said she had always known what the ending for Vanessa’s cancer storyline would be. 

She told Radio Times: “I won’t say which way it goes, but I was told straight away.

“As soon as [Emmerdale’s executive producer] Jane Hudson brought me up, she told me the storyline and the outcome.

“I didn’t even have time to think about it one way or another. As soon as I was told the story, I was told the outcome.

“It wasn’t a case of ‘here’s the story but we don’t know yet’. So I’ve always known what happens in the storyline but my lips are sealed…”

Emmerdale are yet to confirm whether Vanessa will overcome her cancer and return to the Dales. 

But fans are desperate for her to reunite with Charity on screen one day soon.

One fan tweeted: "Every time I read Emmerdale's story it doesn't happen and I hope that Vanity get back together on screen. But I keep watching and I am feeling sorry for Charity who must take care of the children on her own. She misses her very much."

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