Emmerdale’s Chloe star teases identity of her character’s criminal dad amid ‘dark’ plot

Emmerdale 's Chloe Harris star Jessie Elland has teased the identity of her character's father after he was recently revealed to be a dangerous criminal in prison.

Speaking in a new interview, Jessie spoke about the "dark" storyline and also admitted that soap fans' theories about Chloe have been wrong so far and viewers are yet to guess her character's "secret".

Only recently on the ITV soap, Chloe's identity has been explored after Kerry Wyatt, who made her long-awaited return, was unveiled to be working at her home as a cleaning maid.

And it was soon revealed that Chloe's mother has tragically passed away while her father is a dangerous man, who is currently in prison, and monitors her every move at home on CCTV.

Soap fans have already predicted a "sinister" storyline while some viewers have speculated whether her father could be Pierce Harris or even Declan Macey as Kerry star Laura Norton previously teased there are a few "interwoven storylines".

Speaking to press recently, Chloe star Jessie said on her character's father's identity: "So we've not seen him yet, but it would be really interesting to bring him in to see how he and Chloe would interact.

"I do get the sense that Chloe knows her dad is fundamentally a bad person. She feels very trapped by him, scared of him, but at the end of the day he's still her dad and she still loves him, so it would be interesting to play out that dynamic and those emotions."

Teasing more about her character's family life, she said: "It looks all glamor and luxury on the surface, but there is a dark reason behind her wealthy lifestyle. It comes from her dad being quite a nefarious character."

Only recently, soap watchers were left concerned for Sarah Sugden as she continued to meet Chloe, who is the sister of her late heart donor Gemma, as they questioned her true identity.

Talking about soap fans' theories about Chloe, actress Jessie admitted that viewers' predictions have been wrong so far and no one has guessed the "secret".

The actress said: "I've seen quite a few of [the theories]. I think I have seen all of them, not by choice as I don't go looking for that stuff on social media, but my friends have been sending me them. My family are very keen to put it all in the family group chat!"

Jessie continued: "My dad and uncle have called me 'Creepy Chloe' a few times because that has been in quite a few articles.

"As far as a favourite, I think all of them are good to be honest. There's some juicy theories out there and it's fun to see people guessing, and trying to investigate and connect the dots, and bringing up old storylines, but I have to say that no one has got it right yet, but they are fun to read."

Teasing what the "secret" actually is, Jessie added: "Oh, I think they will just have to watch and see!"

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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