Emmerdale’s Wendy Posner exposed as murderer as fans spot clue she stole nurse’s identity?

Emmerdale: Wendy bumps into Bob

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Russ (played Rob Jarvis) has been manipulating ex-wife Wendy (Susan Cookson) into doing his bidding since his arrival in Emmerdale village earlier this week. Russ is trying to worm his way into Victoria Sugden (Isabel Hodgins) and her son Harry’s life as the tot has gained a large inheritance from his great-grandmother. Furious with his mother’s actions, Russ is trying his best to convince Victoria to hand over the cash. So far Wendy has gone along with Russ’ plan as he threatens to harm Victoria and Harry but is there something more sinister going on?

Fans are certain Russ is keeping a secret Wendy doesn’t want the other Emmerdale residents to discover as he continues to wield control over her.

While he has threatened to hurt Victoria and Harry, viewers believe there’s another reason Wendy doesn’t want Russ sticking around.

In a recent episode of the ITV soap, Russ told Bob Hope (Tony Audenshaw) he has struggled to find work due to his bad back.

“It’s not happening with my back injury,” Russ sighed. “I broke it five years ago on a building site and no payout either!”

Wendy hit back: “Well, you must have had a good surgeon looking at you, can hardly tell!”

“You should know, being a qualified nurse,” Russ teased his ex-wife, leaving her rattled by his comment.

So far fans have been certain Wendy is a qualified nurse but what if there was a more sinister side to her?

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to speculate she has been pretending to be a nurse – has she stolen someone’s identity?

One fan posted: “So my theory is Wendy’s secret is she isn’t a fully qualified nurse. #Emmerdale.”

Another argued: “Is “Wendy actually ‘not legally qualified’ as a nurse & her ex did something dodgy back in the day and this is the hold he has over her?? #emmerdale.”

“I’ve been sat thinking about tonight’s episode,” a third tweeted. “Something was weird when Russ mentioned “qualified nurse” to Wendy, her expression dropped drastically.

“What if that’s her secret? Is she a “legit” nurse? #emmerdale.”

Could Wendy have accidentally killed someone in the past and used their identity to ensure she wasn’t discovered?

If so, it might explain why she was so keen to help her rapist son Lee Posner (Kris Mochrie) clear his name and start a new.

If he was to be investigated, the truth about her own past crimes could be revealed.

Actress Susan recently opened up about the storyline, detailing just how far Wendy will go to get rid of Russ.

She told press including express.co.uk: “He’s making his demands that he wants that money back and it’s almost along the lines of, you know, ‘That’s what I was entitled to.

“That should have been left to me, you know, my mother just did it to spite me’ sort of thing.

“So, Wendy out of desperation says ‘Well look, I’ve got some money’, because I think she doesn’t realise how much trouble Russ is in and how much money he needs.

“She says that she’s got some savings of which he’s interested in, which amounts to a couple of thousand pounds.

“That’s all she’s got, but she’s willing to hand it over,” Susan explained.

Emmerdae airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm.

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