Endeavour fans predict McNutt appearance in final ever episode

Endeavour: Cheeky scene show slight at McNutt

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Inspector Morse prequel series Endeavour is finally coming to an end after a decade on screens. The show is set in the 60s and 70s and follows a young Endeavour Morse (played by Shaun Evans) as he cracks cases alongside senior detective Fred Thursday (Roger Allam). The Endeavour series finale will be airing at the end of the week on ITV1 and ITVX with one last instalment aptly titled Exeunt, which is Latin for ‘they go out’ and is also a stage direction for characters to leave the stage.

Endeavour fan Sullivan, 63, said: “The character that appeared in the original Morse, it was the only person from John Thaw’s past that he talked about, McNutt.

“He’s played by the Scottish actor Iain Cuthbertson and he said he was his mentor. The only person he’s ever talked about from his past in that context.

“I thought [Endeavour creator] Russell Lewis was going to bring in McNutt, it seemed the obvious choice but Fred Thursday is again a great character.”

With Thursday essentially filling in the mentor role in Endeavour, it would make sense to marry up the two series if McNutt makes an appearance in the prequel’s finale.

McNutt featured in the Inspector Morse story Masonic Mysteries as a vicar, retired from the police force.

“I think McNutt might turn up in the final series,” Sullivan said. “I think McNutt will turn up in the last scene of the last episode and that again would give the connection for all the fans like me to connect to the original Morse.

“But of course Fred has to die in the last series because that has to explain why he’s never mentioned in the original series.

“So, my thoughts have always been it’s going to be a death where Endeavour blames himself and that’s why he never talks about him because he feels so guilty about what happened, but that’s just my theory.”

Sullivan isn’t alone in his theory, fans have also been speculating online about how the story will be concluded with Thursday expected to be killed off as he is never mentioned in the original Inspector Morse series.

On Twitter Rob Maggs posted: “Fred dies it’s why McNutt takes over, Sam needs fresh start and Jim Strsnge [sic] wife of course is Audrey NOT Joan and they married in 1979 and in those days you didn’t have 7 years engagements. #Endeavour #Mcnutt.”

While Cymru Am Byth said: “@ITV I will say that Thursday retires. In the Morse episode “Masonic Mysteries,” he and Lewis go to see the retired Inspector McNutt, who is a former mentor of Morse’s, and is mentioned once in Endeavour.”

A third fan Russell Truran tweeted: “I wonder if we finally get to meet McNutt next week…? #Endeavour.”

While a fourth person suggested: “Could @ITVX and @mammothscreen could get together and create a new series based on the cerebral eccentric sleuth McNutt.

“Starting in the 1950s following his mysteries amongst the tranquil spires of Oxford up until he meets Morse in 1972?! This would be lovely. #Endeavour #ITV.”

Sullivan started his Morse, Lewis and Endeavour blog back in 2014 to celebrate his love of Colin Dexter’s detective world, which he refers to as the ‘Morse Universe’.

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The former ecological scientist from Edinburgh has been posting on his blog for nearly 10 years about all things from the Morse Universe after falling in love with author Dexter’s work when he discovered an Inspector Morse novel in a second-hand bookshop.

Part of the reason for running the blog was to continue to keep Dexter’s work and legacy in the public, particularly after his death in 2017.

Reflecting on the appeal of Morse Universe with the franchise being part of his life for 43 years, Sullivan said: “If the black dog is getting close, I’ll pop my favourite episode of Morse, Lewis or Endeavour on and watch them and even though they might make me cry, it can be quite cathartic. It’s always helped me that way.”

He said other fans had echoed similar sentiments about the show helping them get through a tough time.

Adding: “I think that’s why I love it so much because it always helps me get through bad times.”

The Endeavour finale will be airing on ITV1 and ITVX this Sunday at 8pm.

For more information about Christopher Sullivan’s blog, please visit morseandlewisandendeavour.com

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