EXCLUSIVE: Himesh Patel reveals how Tamwar Masood could return to EastEnders

Three years after Himesh Patel left EastEnders for the bright lights of Hollywood, it seems the move has paid off.

The 28-year-old, who starred as Tamwar Masood, has the lead role in Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis’ upcoming comedy Yesterday and will next appear alongside Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones in Oscar bait drama The Aeronauts.

But with new show boss Kate Oates bringing back other beloved characters such as Bianca Butcher and Sean Slater, would Himesh be down for a return to the square after last being mentioned in February 2019, when Tamwar called Mick Carter to announce he and Nancy are engaged?

Well, yes and no.

Himesh told Metro.co.uk that there would only be one story that would allow him to consider a return to the square: ‘If we all came back, the family who originally joined in 2007.

‘If we came back and we were the main storyline for a week.’

But when pressed if he would be happy to therefore return if it was just for one week, he added: ‘I am not saying I would definitely be happy to do it. But hypothetically speaking, yes.’

Himesh left the show in April 2016 with Tamwar heading off to travel the world with girlfriend Nancy Carter.

The Masood family have since all moved on as well, with father Masood last appearing on screen in February.

The character, played by Nitin Ganatra, had has only been back on screen for a year after agreeing to a return under former producer John Yorke, who re-introduced him with his aunt and uncle Mariam and Arshad.

Previously, Nitin had taken a year away from the show before heading back.

Since returning, he has had storylines including developing a business idea with Ian Beale, supporting his aunt and uncle during a difficult fostering experience and developing a relationship with Kathy Beale.

The decision to leave had been Nitin’s and his exit scenes will air next month, with the door being left open for a potential future return.

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