Friday star Tommy 'Tiny' Lister vowed to take Covid vaccine days before his death at 62 as he suffered virus symptoms

FRIDAY star Tommy "Tiny" Lister vowed to take the Covid vaccine days before his sudden death at the age of 62 as he suffered virus symptoms.

The famous actor was found “unconscious” in his Los Angeles apartment on Thursday.

The late star sat-down with DailyMailTV for his final interview and looked "sick" as he spoke with the outlet from his Marina Del Rey apartment.

Host Brandon Jay asked Tommy's thoughts on how difficult it has been to work on projects during the coronavirus lockdown.

Tommy, who was diabetic, responded: "Hollywood not gonna stop… I've got so much stuff on my plate. Hollywood gonna crank all the way back up to January. Hollywood gonna go all over the world, gonna crank it up.

"And they got the vaccine right. So the vaccine gives you 12 months, I'm taking that vaccine, I'm taking it."

Tommy added: "My grandmother was Lucille Ball's maid…and she said this, 'If your brothers run off the cliff do you run off the cliff too.'

"I'm takin' the vaccine because I've got work to do too, especially for the kingdom of Jesus Christ."

The well-known star revealed that he was planning to spend the Christmas holidays with his daughter, Faith.

Following the interview, Brandon told the outlet: "I could tell he was sick, but I did not want to interfere with the continuity of the interview so I tried to keep it fun, that's what Tiny is all about, he's a class act…"

He added: "He struggled to speak at times, clearing his throat constantly, it's very sad, he was such a genuine guy."

After being found by law enforcement, sources told TMZ that Tommy was not transported to the hospital as he was pronounced dead on the scene.

Tommy was best known for playing intimidating tough guys with a soft spot as he reeled in more than 220 on-screen credits throughout his incredible career, kicking off with his first role in 1984.

His most famous role was as part of the Friday franchise – where he starred alongside Chris Tucker and Ice Cube.

Tommy is survived by his wife, Felicia Forbes, and their daughter, Faith. He is also said to have had a son, Thomas Duane Lister III.

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