From Chris Pratt to David Beckham, these male stars have aged like fine wine

THESE full-bodied vintages have aged just beautifully. The blokes, that is.

Our picture yesterday of Keanu Reeves showed the Matrix movie action man looking finer than ever at 56, far from his weedy days in sci-fi comedy Bill & Ted films in his twenties.

But he is not the only famous fella who has matured with a smoky, balanced elegance that belies their earlier, dorky years.

Wine expert Jilly Goolden says: “With men and wine, some are better in their youth while others dazzle as they get older.”

So who better than Jilly to share her tasting notes on the blokes here?

Chris Pratt, 41

THE funny man played the chubby but lovable buffoon in US telly sitcom Parks And Recreation for six years from 2009.

But then he shaped up for big-screen roles in Guardians Of The Galaxy in 2014 and the Jurassic World reboots­.

JILLY SAYS: “A lot of skill was needed to turn this one around. Looked like it wouldn’t make the grade to join the A-list.

“But skill and technology paid off. You’ll love it (as it loves itself).”

Gary Lineker, 60

THE BBC footie pundit has a silver tongue but is also now a silver fox. The former footballer is a cut above his Eighties mop-haired days playing for Leicester and England.

JILLY SAYS: “Plump and over ripe when young. Now less fruity and altogether leaner and meaner, with much more complexity and gravitas.”

David Beckham, 45

THE former England captain has had many incarnations, from the skinny teen making his debut for Manchester United in 1992, to shaven-headed with LA Galaxy.

JILLY SAYS: “Once a little lean and shallow, now has very impressive structure enhanced by aging.

“Lunchbox perfect. Strong legs.”

George Clooney, 59

BEFORE becoming one of the hottest, most suave leading men in movies, Gorgeous George had a bit of a hairy spell while promoting Eighties action film Red Surf.

JILLY SAYS: “To begin with, unfocused and woolly. But with maturity came elegance, restraint and real class. Has become a benchmark of well-managed aging.”

Tom Hardy, 43

IN the Legend actor’s old social media pics he looks a bit pants – more prankster than gangster. He has got in shape since then and gained a chiselled chin.

JILLY SAYS: “Seriously needed time to realise potential. Flabby and unformed to begin with but age brought tighter, more focussed figure to a fine older vintage.”

Gary Barlow, 49

GARY was not always such a suave superstar. Especially not in 1992, when Take That released It Only Takes A Minute.

JILLY SAYS: “There was only a pale glimmer in youth of the possibility of maturity.

“Now has layers of interest and considerably enhanced colour.”

Dwayne Johnson, 48

SINCE his WWE wrestling career in the Nineties, The Rock has changed more than just his name. He is now a Hollywood A-lister with movies Jumanji, Moana and Fast & Furious under his belt.

JILLY SAYS: “Who could have guessed the mature version is the same specimen – unrecognisably improved, the all-round appeal geared up to another level. Seems expensive.”

One better uncorked a few years ago…

Daniel Craig, 52

HE went from dowdy in the Nineties to the wow factor as 007 from 2006, although fans have recently been raising an eyebrow at Craig’s “plastic”-looking face.

JILLY SAYS: “Took time to develop potential. But once filled out with age, developed into a rounded, satisfying delight.

“But the appeal has gone over the top, possibly.”

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