'Full House:' What Was Aunt Becky's Job?

She was a dance coach for Stephanie, a makeup artist for DJ, and someone to finish Danny Tanner’s sentences. Throughout Full House, Rebecca Donaldson, or “Becky,” portrayed by Lori Loughlin, supported her family by working on the talk show, Wake Up, San Francisco.

Her actual role on the talk show, however, changed with time. What was Aunt Becky’s job on this sitcom? Here’s what we know about the Full House character and her career. 

Rebecca first joined the ‘Full House’ cast as Danny’s co-anchor

When fans first met Danny, he was working as a sports anchor, covering locker room adventures, interviewing athletes, and everything in between. Eventually, however, this character became the host of the talk show, Wake Up, San Francisco, where he appeared alongside Rebecca Donaldson.

As the co-hosts, “Becky” and Danny picked out a lot of their segments together. That meant that they would often work from Danny Tanner’s home. Eventually, Becky started dating Uncle Jesse and became another person living in the Tanner home. 

Rebecca had her maternity leave when she had the twins

After marrying Uncle Jesse, Rebecca literally became a part of the Tanner family, moving into the attic with her husband. After having the twins, Rebecca took a break from work, only to return to her job with Danny. 

Becky was eventually promoted to producer of ‘Wake Up, San Francisco’

After years of being the co-host with Danny Tanner, Rebecca was promoted to being a producer during the season 8 episode, “The Producer.” At first, Danny is shocked, but then jealous that Rebecca would earn the promotion. 

As a result, Danny quit the talk show for one episode. The two eventually made up and Rebecca kept the position, while still working alongside Danny as the anchor. Rebecca kept this job throughout the sitcom. 

However, when fans saw this character for the spinoff series, Fuller House, they earned that her position somewhat changed. After earning popularity alongside her co-host, she and Danny Tanner became the hosts of the morning show Wake Up, USA. That is, until Loughlin’s character was removed from the show following the college admissions scandal. 

“We wish it wasn’t that way, and we wish she could be here because it definitely feels like there’s a hole in our hearts and a hole on our set,” Andrea Barber, the actor who portrays Kimmy Gibbler, said during Us Weekly’s “Watch With Us” podcast.

“But we understand that this is the decision that was made, and we respect it,” she continued. “But she’s always in our hearts forever. Every time we step on stage, she’s in our hearts,”

Most episodes of Full House are available for streaming on Hulu. All five seasons of the Netflix original spinoff series, Fuller House, are available on the streaming platform, Netflix.

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