Gabrielle Union Options All Boys Aren’t Blue for TV Show Celebrating 'Queer Black Experience'

In a series of personal essays, Johnson follows the hardships and joys that came with growing up black and queer in New Jersey and Virginia. In one of the more difficult scenes, he remembers getting his teeth kicked out by bullies when he was just 5 years old. He also explores themes like marginalization, the importance of family and black boyhood.

"I wrote this memoir and shared these stories because of the importance and need to center black stories from the black perspective," Johnson told Deadline. “I didn’t have stories like these growing up and honestly I don’t have many now so I knew I needed to do my part to make sure the next generation of black queer children had something they could relate to and connect with."

He added: "There are days I look at TV and film and still don’t see myself represented. So, my ultimate goal was providing the story I didn’t have but always needed and to be the vessel so that so many can feel seen and heard."

Johnson is thrilled to be working with an ally like Union, he told the outlet.

"She’s someone who is not only a champion in the fight for supporting marginalized communities of color," he said, according to Deadline, "but the work she’s doing as a storyteller and producer is lifting every voice who hasn’t had the opportunity to be heard.”

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