Game of Thrones Actor Finn Jones Basically Predicted the Series' Ending Back in 2015

While Tyrion Lannister may have been the character who “knows things” and Bran Stark the one with informative visions, Ser Loras Tyrell’s actor Finn Jones is the one who predicted Game of Thrones‘ ending.

The latter called multiple final sequences years ago ahead of the HBO fantasy series’ May 19 finale — in 2015, speaking with Vulture about his hopes for the last scenes.

“You need to get rid of that throne. That’s what I’d like to see at the end of the series, but that’s very utopian. We’ll see,” said Jones, 31.

While the monarchy didn’t exactly disappear, as the story ended with Bran becoming king, the Iron Throne itself was destroyed in the series finale — by the doomed Daenerys Targaryen‘s dragon, Drogon, who burned it to the ground before flying off with Dany’s corpse.

“My hope for Westeros is that Bran dissolves the Iron Throne; he gives the power back to the individual realms,” Jones said. “Him, his Small Council, which would be Brienne, Tyrion and maybe some of the Tyrells, because I’m biased. But they try to keep the peace, after this devastating war has struck Westeros and killed a lot of people.”

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While a central ruler was still intact via Bran, Jones was right in part considering in the end, Sansa Stark reigned as ruler of the North in Winterfell.

Other accurate predictions Jones threw out, according to Vulture? His “fantasizing” desire for an alliance between the Tyrells, Martells and Daenerys, plus a fitting end for his own character.

“I would like to see [Loras] get disfigured by the Sparrows, the same way he gets disfigured at Dragonstone with the boiling oil,” he said — and that is exactly what happened ahead of Loras’ death in season 6.

Three years after his Vulture interview, Jones hadn’t swayed on his opinion about Westeros’ potential future rule.

In an August 2018 interview with PEOPLE Now, the English actor reiterated that he didn’t believe there’d “be a centralized seat of power” anymore.

“I think power will be given back to the individual kingdoms, so more like a democratic rule,” said Jones. “But I think that is probably a bit too Utopian for Game of Thrones, and I think eventually what will happen is just everyone will die.”

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