Gaz Beadle's pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey shows off her growing baby belly after being trolled for 'tiny' bump

GAZ Beadle's pregnant girlfriend Emma McVey has shown off how much her baby bump has grown in one day after being trolled.

The 26-year-old lingerie model, who's expecting her second child, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share the snaps.

Emma posted a side-by-side comparison shot taken within 12 hours.

She wrote: "7am this morning and 7pm this evening… I’m definitely going to have a bump in this pregnancy even if it only shows up later in the day driving @gazgshore mad flashing my tummy to him every night saying look look! I love it!!"

The model – who is expecting a girl – was trolled online during her first pregnancy for being too slim.

But fans have this time rushed to her defence.

One follower said: "It must hurt you so much when people say how small u are when clearly you love the fact you have a bump xx people are cruel!"

Another wrote: "I hope you can really enjoy this pregnancy and loving your bump and being proud to show it off.

"It’s sad that with Chester people made you feel like you couldn’t post lots about it and how they made you feel. Your body is incredible and knows exactly what it’s doing.

"Congratulations on your little Miss and I hope you keep us updated as much as you like!"

A third said: "Urgh totally jealous, I was just a beached whale most of my pregnancy!"

Gaz and Emma's son Chester was rushed to the hospital just hours after her gender reveal party last month.

He was prescribed antibiotics for an infection.

Emma posted on Instagram: "For all the absolute idiots trying to give me grief.

"I took Chester to the doctors Monday, but did they listen? No. I’m just an over-cautious mum. ‘He has a slight ear infection but doesn’t need antibiotics’.

"Yesterday I knew he wasn’t right, he has an ear infection and bladder infection so finally letting us have antibiotics.

“He was running around yesterday and everyone thought he was fine, I’m not stupid and I know my child.

"He was distracted, and that’s why he seemed ‘fine’. So no I didn’t make him stay at the party, I left my own party before everyone else to get him properly checked.”

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Before the hospital drama, Gaz and Emma stood in front of balloons and a cake that was decorated with the words "boy or girl" as their son Chester waited with them to find out their happy news.

Gaz, 31, held a gold tube and the couple screamed with joy when it ejected pink confetti to signify they are having a little girl.

Friends and family were heard cheering in the background as Emma, 27, lifted her arms for cuddles.

The couple shared their announcement on Instagram and captioned the video: "WOW it's a…… total shock but absolutely buzzing little family complete…

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