Gemma Collins breaks social media silence and admits 'it's tough' as dad 'fights for his life' in hospital with Covid

GEMMA Collins has broken her social media silence and admitted she's finding it "so tough" as her dad "fights for his life" in hospital with coronavirus.

The reality star, 39, is digging deep to remain positive and shared a motivational message with her fans.

Alongside a throwback of her working out abroad, Gemma wrote: "SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD AND SHE DID ? for anyone who is feeling totally fed up right now just remember one small step can make so many positive changes ?.

"It started with walking ?‍♀️ then it lead to running ?‍♀️ and from running it went on to 7 mile bike ? rides and I’ve got to say it’s so tough right now but these small steps can be life changing just try to keep focused and most importantly of all SELF LOVE ? is ?."

It was met by love heart and flexed arm emojis, as they saluted her strength.

The GC revealed her parents tested positive for Covid-19 before Christmas — and said her dad told her he would "rather be dead".

The ITV2 star said it's been an "awful" few weeks for her and her family on her BBC podcast, The Gemma Collins Podcast.

She shared: "It has been just the most awful Christmas and New Year for me. I am not going to dwell on it.

"Both of my parents have had Covid. My dad is still in hospital now. He’s literally been fighting for his life.

"It has been one awful time of it but I’m so happy to be back chatting with you all."

The TV favourite branded herself a "superhero" as she juggles both her career and personal life amid her parents' ill health.

"Things are so difficult," she shared. "It is relentless at the moment with everything going on.

"I am finding myself juggling so many plates at the minute. It’s been a real shock to myself and my family with my dad being in hospital."

The GC continued: "He’s the one who kind of looks after us all and has always been the strong one in the family. It is all on me.

"I don’t mind because things don’t always go to plan in life. I hope you are all staying safe as much as you can.

"It’s not been a great Christmas or New Year, roll on next Christmas and next New Year," she added. "I am just going to forget about last year, it has not been good.

"I’ve had to be a superhero with two parents in hospital with two businesses and a TV career and a dog.

"There is so much. You don’t realise how much has to get done."

Last month, Gemma revealed her parents tested positive for coronavirus — and her dad told her he would "rather be dead".

She took to Instagram on December 22 to share the devastating news that her mum and dad, Alan and Joan, were "extremely unwell" with Covid and said her father broke down in tears after the deadly bug took hold.

Gemma, who lives in Essex, begged her 2million followers to follow the Government guidelines to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The star wrote: "Please please please take notice of the guidelines! Both my parents are extremely unwell with Covid 19!

"Seeing my dad cry which he never does! Was a shock and say he would rather be dead then experience everything his is going through right now… this has totally wiped him out and it’s heartbreaking ? my mum also is extremely extremely unwell with Covid also, this is real!

"And please please take notice and keep your loved ones SAFE ?? it really is petrifying ? what a difference a year makes."

Gemma is incredibly close to her parents and told The Sun last month that she had been checking in with her mum more often this year during lockdown.

She said: "My mum has been good as gold to be honest, she has been vulnerable and we’ve done all we can to make sure she has remained safe and we check in on each other more often than we normally would, just checking that everyone’s mental health is OK helps."

Joan battled pneumonia in hospital in March amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The former Towie star explained her mum suffers from rheumatoid arthritis and so is more prone to infections.

The condition has Joan in and out of the hospital, and she also has to use a wheelchair to get around.

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