Genius mixes Theresa May's exit speech with sad EastEnders music – it's iconic

The big question on everyone’s lips after Theresa May announced her reisgnation was whether or not we should be feeling sorry for her, as she sobbed with emotion while giving up the Prime Minister job it had been ‘an honour’ to have.

It’s a condundrum, particularly if you don’t agree with her policies – but it’s hard not to shed a tear for her when the EastEnders sad exit theme music plays over her departure speech. Twitter genius Matthew (@DamnCoffee) edited the special music named Julia’s Theme, which is reserved for moments at the end of the soap which don’t suit the brash drum beat.

It’s traditionally used over particularly sad, romantic or poignant moments such as deaths, marriages and exits. Played with growing momentum over May’s speech, it fits ridiculously perfectly and the video has since gone viral.

Politics may be in absolute crisis, Brexit may drag on longer than Who Killed Lucy Beale but at least we have to find some laughter somewhere so hats off to Matthew for this creation, which has even been shared by Jake Wood aka Max Branning.

Julia’s theme is named after EastEnders co-creator Julia Smith. There have been variations of it, including a remix called Peggy’s theme for Barbara Windsor’s exit, and it was recently used for the funeral of Abi Branning and the exit of her sister Lauren as well as the death of Doctor Legg.

It has become such an institution with EastEnders fans that there is often outrage when a particular character or moment doesn’t ‘earn’ the theme.

But while she may not have been able to deliver Brexit, at least Theresa May earned the acclaimed tune.

Now, fans of UK politics are awaiting the next twists in the ongoing real-life soap – and there are sure to be some real duff-duff moments in the offing as it builds to its climax sometime in the far, far future.

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