GMB fans distracted during chat as they ask ‘What did Bond Girl see?’

Former Bond girl Valerie Leon left some Good Morning Britain viewers rather confused on Wednesday, after they noticed she aggressively pointed and made signals at someone in her home during her interview.

Appearing on the morning programme via video link, Valerie, 77, spoke openly to presenters Susanna Reid and Richard Madeley regarding whether James Bond should be played by a woman.

The Bond star adamantly disagreed that the iconic role should go to a female next, but as they got into the conversation further, viewers noticed Valerie aggressively pointing and making hand gestures to someone in the background.

She also appeared muddled when Susanna asked her about her old Bond photos while admitting she didn't "know which pictures you're referring to".

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Taking to Twitter, distracted spectators aired their thoughts on the actress and questioned what was happening.

One fan quizzed: "What was going on with Valerie Leon on GMB this morning?"

Another asked: "What did Valerie Leon see that was so shocking?"

While a third baffled viewer wrote: "What's going on at Valerie Leon's house???"

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But viewers' confusions didn't stop there, as they also questioned actress Didi Conn's behaviour as she also featured in the Bond debate.

Appearing via video link Didi appeared very erratic and extremely energetic which left breakfast viewers bewildered.

Seeing her excitement unfold on screen, viewers commented on the star's antics.

"#Didi has always been a bit of a nutter. Bless her," one fan chimed.

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Another penned: "Didi has lost the plot entirely here."

While another questioned: "Has Didi been drinking?"

Debating on whether James Bond should be played by a woman, the majority of Good Morning Britain viewers believed it should not, with 93% of GMB fans voting that the role should remain male.

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On Twitter most viewers also appeared to take this stance too and aired their views.

A viewer commented: "James Bond to be a woman, why. Just f*****g create a similar role for a woman, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility.

A second agreed and wrote: "People are saying James Bond should now be a woman but if they changed Miss Marple or nanny Mcphee to a man people would go berserk. Leave Bond alone."

While a third gave an alternative perspective and said: "Ignore the name James Bond, the agent number is the important part . Any sex any race, can be a 007, along as they follow the criteria of becoming a agent."

Presenter Richard also offered a different option and suggested that maybe Bond could be played by someone who is transgender.

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