GMB’s Andi Peters on verge of tears after losing £70,000 in The Chase disaster

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Good Morning Britain fans are used to seeing Andi Peters with a smile on his face, but the presenter was left looking a little downcast on Sunday evening.

Taking part in The Chase Celebrity Special, Andi gambled on the high offer of £70,000, only to lose it all with one wrong answer.

After answering incorrectly, the normally chirpy broadcaster confessed he "could cry," as he realised he was losing tens of thousands for charity.

Andi got off to an excellent start in the cash builder round, impressing Bradley Walsh by earning a substantial £7,000 during the round of quick-fire questions.

When he turned to face Chaser Jenny Ryan, Andi bravely decided to plump for the risky high offer, hoping to make as much money as possible for charity.

Watching from home, viewers were delighted to see him take the plunge for such a good cause, as they cheered him on from their sofas.

“Andi's going for it,” wrote one fan, while a second exclaimed: “Go on lad.”

However, a question about the art world left him stumped, as Bradley asked: "Published in 2016, Susie Hodge's irreverent book is titled ‘Why Is Art Full Of…' what?"

Three options were listed below – fruit bowls, naked people or empty fields.

And initially decided on option A, fruit bowls, before second-guessing himself as soon as he slammed down on the buzzer.

"Naked people" was proven to be the right answer, and Andi's face fell in disappointment.

Looking solemn, he told Brad: "I could cry."

Sadly, Jenny got the question right, meaning Andi was sent home empty-handed, leaving his three remaining teammates to battle it out in his place.

"I admit I guessed it," Jenny remarked, adding: "And then I pressed it and then I thought, ‘actually, fruit bowls is funnier'."

Andi pointed out it was important to take risks in life, as he bid farewell to Brad before adding: "You've got to give it a go."

The Chase airs on weekdays at 5pm on ITV.

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