GMB’s Piers Morgan quizzed about sex life as Jennifer Arcuri interview backfires

Jennifer Arcuri was on Good Morning Britain today to talk about the nature of her relationship with Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson and Jennifer had a friendship when he was Mayor of London back in 2011, and the nature of their relationship has recently come into question, with the pair finding themselves at the centre of a media storm.

Boris Johnson denies any impropriety during his time as London Mayor.

Piers was keen to know if Jennifer's relationship with the Prime Minister ever turned sexual.

The interviewing juggernaut asked Jennifer if her relationship with Boris ever turned "intimate".

But Piers certainly didn't get the answer he was looking for.

Turning the interview on Piers, the former model said to Piers: "Do you want to talk to me about my sex life?

"I’d love to ask you a few questions about your sex life."

Clearly momentarily taken aback, Piers then asked Jennifer the same question again.

She replied: "I'm not going to answer that."

Pushing further, Piers then said: "So you're not going to deny it?"

Jennifer answered: "I won’t allow you to weaponise my answer and use me as a pawn."

Recognising he was beaten Piers said you could "shut [speculation] down" but he "respected" she didn't want to answer the question.

The "sex life" moment certainly didn't go unnoticed with GMB viewers,.

One viewer said: "We don't want to hear about your sex life, Piers."

While another continued: "Please don't talk about your sex life, Piers."

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