Gogglebox’s Jenny left in tears over Coronation Street sinkhole death ‘Titanic’

Gogglebox: Jenny in tears at Johnny's death on corrie

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Stars of Channel 4’s Gogglebox gave their commentary on the ITV soap as it aired some of its most ambitious scenes of all time in a week which left two Weatherfield residents dead. As always, Jenny Newby and best friend Lee Riley had differing reactions to the drama. Watching the tragic scenes of Johnny’s (played by Richard Hawley) death unfold, Jenny sobbed as Lee watched on in confusion.

As Johnny drowned in the sewers in Coronation Street, the Gogglebox cast questioned what was going on.

“Are you ready for the best episode of Coronation Street in your life?” Abbie asked best mate Georgia as they tuned into the episode.

“I’m ready,” Georgia replied. The episode saw Johnny climbing down into the Victorian sewers beneath the ground once he realised his ex-wife, Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews), was stuck down there alone.

“Johnny!” Jenny called out in the ITV soap.

Helena, who was watching the action-packed episode with her mum Alison and Alison’s partner Geroge, commented: “Something’s wrong with Johnny!”

Ellie asked her sister Izzie: “What’s happening to Johnny – is he having a funny do?”

As Jenny called out: “Johnny, say something, are you okay?” Alison observed: “Oh no, he’s giving up.”

David chimed: “Oh he’s gone off, the hypothermia’s getting to him”, as wife Shirley remarked, “Come on Johnny, you can do it!”

In the soap, Jenny called out to her ex-husband: “I love you” as he began to drift away.

Gogglebox’s Jenny began to cry while sitting next to Lee on the sofa.

Lee, who appeared baffled by the scenes, turned to Jenny in confusion as she wiped away tears.

Fans soon took to Twitter to join in the responses to the Coronation Street storyline and the reactions of the TV-loving cast.

@Pcfc wrote: “That p*** take over Jenny off Corrie was hilarious #gogglebox.”

@Evilbatman penned: “That is comedy genius I should start watching corrie #Gogglebox.”

“Coronation Street meets Titanic… #Gogglebox,” @MrChambers shared.

Taking a comical stand on Johnny and Jenny’s emotional goodbye, Piglet asked: “Lol how can they kiss in sewer #Gogglebox.”

Rosie commented: “#gogglebox jenny crying at corrie and lee just looking at her lol… “

Eileen P tweeted: “I’m so pleased everyone else (except poor Jenny) thought the same as me. Hilarious especially all the other ‘disasters’ kicking off simultaneously.” (sic)

Gogglebox continues Friday at 9pm on Channel 4.

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