Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan cuts ‘moronic’ Love Island segment on air

Piers Morgan cut Richard Arnold’s Love Island segment live on the show on Tuesday, leaving him stunned.

The TV host declared it was 'moronic' amid the news that the BBC planned to axe free TV licenses for pensioners, excluding those who receive pension credit.

Those aged 75 and over will now have to pay for licenses as of next year, if the plans go ahead.

Piers and GMB co-host Susanna Reid campaigned for the broadcasting company to reverse the plans, with viewers outraged over the decision.

As Richard appeared on the show to host his daily Love Island segment, he was stunned when Piers put a stop to it during a clip.

Richard was updating viewers on the latest goings on in the villa, while Piers watched on.

It’s public knowledge that Piers despises the ITV2 dating series, and on Tuesday he decided there was more important issues to discuss.

As Richard showed a clip of islander Molly-Mae causing drama, fans saw her and Yewande competing for newcomer Danny’s affections.

During the clip, it suddenly panned back to the studio with Piers demanding they move on the conversation.

Waving his hands to the camera crew, he said: “Sorry, I’m cutting that.

“There’s something that’s really jarring with me, that we’re watching Love Island morons banging on about moronic stuff, when actually we’re trying to wage a campaign that will get 3.7 million pensioners their TV licence.”

Susanna then argued the pensioners might even watch the show, but he was having none of it.

But Piers didn’t appear to have a back-up plan as he didn’t really know what to say next, before Susanna led onto the next segment.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays at 6am on ITV2.

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