‘He nearly died’ GB News guest argues Boris needs break as PM heads on holiday

Boris Johnson: Hosken says ‘is it so bad he’s gone on holiday?’

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The journalist appeared on Sunday’s Paper Review segment on GB News, where she discussed reports that Prime Minister Boris Johnson had jetted abroad following the Conservative Party conference. She defended his decision to go abroad despite many ongoing crises, arguing that Johnson is “only human”.

“Is it so bad he’s gone on holiday?” Petrie asked.

Kirsty Gallacher responded: “Do you know what, it’s just unusual, isn’t it?”

“Look, I’m no political fan of anybody – I think they’re all bonkers,” the broadcaster claimed.

“But if you look at the last 18 months, Boris Johnson nearly died, he has had a child, he’s got another one on the way, there’s been the Covid crisis, there’s been all sorts of other crises.

“That’s 18 months. Now, is he due a holiday? Because if these crises keep on piling on top of each other, which we suspect they might do for a while – first it’s energy, then it’s this then that – when does he get a holiday?

“I know that Tom from Strictly may disagree, but he is only human.”

Viewers presented a mixed reaction to the journalist’s argument.

Taking to Twitter, MiserableChris commented: “How many weeks off did he have in July August? Extended breaks st Easter and Xmas, do no he should not be off on holiday now.”(sic)

Lawrence Garfield asked: “Wasn’t he on holiday before the conference as well?”

“I thought that Parliament stands down on certain dates? I know that they sometimes get called back but…… Looks like they get more holiday then us and get a decent pay rise each year. Who are the mugs here?” DP wrote.

Barry Quinnell penned: “There are many hoping he remains away.”

Others agreed with Petrie, with Marion Steggles commenting: “He should have had three to six months off after he was ill.”

Stevie added: “Prob gonna be a brutal winter so nows prob the time for a bit of down time.. we all need a rest at some point.”(sic)

“I’m on holiday this week- I’ve turned off my laptop & phone & can have a complete break. I doubt if Boris gets that complete switch off on his holiday. Everyone deserves a break- for their well-being,” Gail Fulbrook remarked.

It comes following reports that the Prime Minister has taken week-long holiday in Marbella.

He left on Friday and is said to be staying in a villa on the Costa del Sol.

Reports have claimed that his wife and son are with him.

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