Helen Skelton issued Strictly warning by partner Gorka Márquez

Strictly Come Dancing releases trailer for new series

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Strictly Come Dancing week two went off with a bang on Saturday night which saw the contestants perform once again, having their score combined with what they received in week one. Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton was struggling with her sexiness whilst dancing the Cha Cha with partner Gorka Márquez. After a questionable technique from Gorka, he issued a warning to her they would be working on it more, however, she seemed less than impressed.

During the VT footage before they took to the dancefloor on Saturday night, Gorka told Helen: “You need to believe in yourself like I believe in you.

“We are going to up your confidence, and put you up to the challenge.”

Rehearsing the dance, Helen exclaimed: “In the Cha Cha there are so many things to think about, it is fast, it is technical, you have got to play a character, a lot is coming at me.”

Gorka quipped: “So we are working on Helen’s sexiness.”

However, Helen didn’t seem excited at the idea and explained: “When you reach a stage in your life where being sexy isn’t top of your priority list, you are functional and you are efficient and that is me.

“Gorka put the mirrors around me and I was like ‘What are you doing?’.”

Explaining the odd technique, Gorka explained: “Look at yourself, the idea was to kind of Helen only see herself and bring that confidence. Be sexy for yourself.”

Admitting to not liking the experience, Helen exclaimed: “When there are three of yourself looking back at you in the mirror, it is definitely two too many.”

When it came to her performance on Saturday, she put on an upbeat and energetic performance which three of the four judges loved.

Motsi Mabuse praised: “Well I thought the opening was fantastic, you had big energy and strong, and I can see she knows what she is doing and I loved it.

“When you were together in hold, I think your weight was really good because you were concentrating on Gorka, when you let go, you tipped a little bit to the back.

“And then we lose some coordination but your Latin dance today, I am impressed well done.”

Head judge Shirley Ballas agreed: “Well I am also impressed, I am impressed with the coordination, I just want to say, when you started on the stage you stood on the super strong leg so it shows me that you have those beautiful legs and feet.

“As it went through the programme, it got a little bit lost, keep working on that because it will be a huge asset.

“Get the legs in place, get the feet in place, get the posture in place and everything else will come, well done.”

Anton Du Beke added: “Well I have to admit, I completely agree with what is being said, you started off and I went ‘Yeah baby!

“And unfortunately I went, yeah ba.. stayed about the same. What I need is the same all the way through.

“You will do all of this, but the thing that I want the most is this, I want more this, because you have got it you have just got to believe.”

Storming in with criticism, Craig Revel Horwood commented: “Technically it was very poor I’m afraid, it will never look good unless you have a straight leg darling.

“They were bent all the way through, for me, it wasn’t great but you have good rhythm.”

Speaking to Claudia about the sexiness and having the three mirrors around her, Helen joked: “You kept saying about the straight legs, he kept slapping me on the leg.

“When he made me stand in front of the mirrors, I get it, it was for me. But you’re either the kind of person who likes standing in front of the mirror or the kind of person who stands there and goes ‘Oh I have something in my teeth’.

“I am not sexy, I am functional, I am efficient, I am working on it. He goes ‘Dance like you’re at a club or a party on a Saturday’, I go to parties on Saturday, trampoline parties.”

Craig scored their performance a five, Motsi and Shirley both scored a seven and Anton scored their performance an eight, totalling to 27.

Strictly Come Dancing returns tonight at 7:15pm on BBC One.

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