Holby City spoilers: Kian faces a life-or-death decision and Max is finally sentenced

KIAN faces a life-or-death decision and Max is finally sentenced next week in Holby City.

Over the past few months the cardiothoracic consultant surgeon (Ramin Karimloo) has been battling his addiction with drugs over the past few months and it looks like things are about to get a whole lot worse for him.

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Last month the surgeon agreed to let his surrogate son Andrei Tarpov (Sonny Poon Tip) stay with him.

But Lucky Simpson (Vineeta Rishi) reminded him that he's in no fit state to look after himself, let alone another person.

And next week the mental health nurse is at her wits as she continues to support him, and he shows no grattitude towards her.

Things are made worse when Kian starts feeling under pressure in all aspects of his life with work and family commitments taking its toll on him.

And when Andrei interrupts him at work with another issue whilst undergoing an important surgery, Kian is left feeling overwhelmed.

What will the surgeon do – put his patient or Andrei first and what will the aftermath of each decision entail?

Kian isn't the only one that's having a hard time at the moment.

Max (Jo Martin), who is a consultant neurosurgeon, as well as acting chief executive officer of the hospital, was recently arrested after taking the blame for her son Louis' crime.

The nurse (Tyler Luke Cunningham) had been stealing equipment and drugs from work to try and help his friend Vicky.

There was a huge investigation as to what was going on in the hospital and Max was left heartbroken when her son admitted he was the culprit behind it all.

The neurosurgeon decided to take the blame for his wrongdoing and next week viewers will find out what's in store for her next.

She tells Adrian Fletcher (Alex Walkinshaw) that she has to repay everything that was stolen and also complete a suspended sentence of six months.

Meanwhile Dom Copeland (David Ames), who is struggling to come to terms with his injuries from a car crash earlier this year, reveals he wants to apply for a new job within the hospital.

Love is also in the air.

Fletch's daughter Evie makes a return and he grows closer to Jeni Sinclaire (Debra Stephenson) as they chat about what it's like having a teenage daughter.

But it seems that Evie will certainly be causing a bit of trouble as she's got something to do with Andrei's problem….

Watch this episode of Holby City next Tuesday (May 18 2021) at 7.50pm on BBC One.

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