Holly Willoughby makes dig at Love Island’s Anna Vakili over row with Michael

Holly Willoughby has hit out at Anna Vakili for being a hypocrite over her furious row with Michael Griffiths on Love Island .

During what has been dubbed the most shocking recoupling of all time, Michael ended up ditching Amber in favour for new girl Joanna.

And in an explosive preview for this evening, Anna is seen furiously lashing out at Michael for what he has done.

However her reaction has left some with raised eyebrows, considering she dumped Jordan for new boy Ovie.

Appearing on This Morning, former Islander Kem Cetinay spoke about the moment to Holly and Phil.

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But Holly pointed out: "Anna didn't have a leg to stand on, did she?"

They also spoke about the brilliant way Jordan had dealt with Anna not picking him.

"Jordan handled it really well – he was a gent," Holly said.

Holly and Phil also spoke to Amy Hart's mum, who revealed that she could tell her daughter was left utterly heartbroken in the preview for tonight's episode.

Her mum Sue said she couldn't bear to watch the painful recoupling last night.

Incredibly awkward and heartbreaking scenes last night saw Amy reveal that she had fallen in love with Curtis Pritchard.

However this was just minutes after viewers had watched Curtis confess to Jourdan Riane that he would recouple with her.

Curtis was pied by Jourdan and later confessed at the recoupling in cringey scenes in front of the rest of the horrified girls that he'd realised he wasn't being true to himself in being with Amy.

However Amy was completely oblivious and looked delighted to see him alone when she walked to the group and gushed that she had missed him.

Speaking to Sue, Holly Willoughby said: "I was watching it through my hands!"

"I haven't been able to watch Curtis talking to Jourdan," she said. "I don't know how she's going to react."

Asked whether Curtis was the type of guy Amy would usually go for, Sue said she didn't know because Amy had never brought anyone home but had gone on dates.

"She's never been in a serious relationship before," she said.

Sue added: "In one single day she's said she's fallen in love and she's had her heart broken."

However Sue said that it was some comfort that Amber was in the same situation and that the rest of the girls would be able to support her.

But in an explosive preview for tonight's episode, Amy is seen confronting Curtis as she finds out the truth.

She tells him furiously: "I was going to tell you I love you!"

Can they ever get through this?

*Love Island airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2

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