Hollyoaks spoilers: Nancy and Darren's secret cave sex romp exposed by a horrified Charlie

LITTLE Charlie Dean is set to discover Nancy and Darren Osborne’s steamy sex escapade and threaten to expose them in an upcoming episode.

Hollyoaks viewers have just watched Darren betray his current partner Mandy by sleeping with his ex-wife Nancy in steamy cave tunnel scenes but will he manage to keep the betrayal a secret?

The former Hollyoaks lovers gave in to temptation while trapped underneath tunnels as part of the crane collapse storyline last month.

The pair went in to find Charlie and Ella Richardson but after the roof fell in they succumbed to their surprise feelings for each other. 

Darren’s world came crashing down in Hollyoaks earlier this year when he made the shocking discovery that DJ is the biological child of Mandy’s ex Luke Morgan and not his after all. 

The father of three has been struggling to cope with the revelation ever since, and the truth has put a strain on his relationship with Mandy.

Meanwhile, viewers have watched Nancy’s partner Kyle Kelly grow increasingly jealous of her connection with Darren.

On top of her doomed relationships, Nancy has been suffering from painful MS attacks.

And in upcoming episodes things are only set to worsen for unlucky-in-love Nancy and Darren as little Charlie gets wind of their affair.

In the upcoming scenes, when Darren picks up the wrong cake for Sinead and Sami’s wedding, he and Nancy are forced to bake a new one together.  

It's obvious there is tension between the pair and even dad Jack Osborne begins to wonder what's going on.

Wrapped up in each other, the former lovers are unaware that Charlie has been filming himself gaming in the living room and has left the camera running.

Later, when Darren is playing video games he's stunned to see a message pop up from Charlie.

It says: "I know you slept with Nancy."

Darren rushes to the Osborne’s to beg an unimpressed Charlie to keep his dirty secret under wraps.

Will Darren and Nancy's steamy escapade be exposed – and devastate respective partners Mandy and Kyle?

Hollyoaks viewers will have to tune in next week to find out. 


Hollyoaks airs weeknights on Channel 4 at 6.30pm with a first look episode following on E4 at 7pm

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