How Prince William's Role in the Royal Family Impacts His Children's Royal Titles

Prince William has already had a couple of different royal titles, and his status will continue to change as he gets closer and closer to the throne. But, what about his children? How will Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’s royal titles be impacted by their father’s role in the royal family?

Up ahead, find out all the ways Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis’s royal titles will change over the years.

Prince George’s royal title

Out of his siblings, Prince George will experience the most title changes throughout his life — many of which will occur during his grandfather and father’s reign. Right now, Prince George’s official royal title is His Royal Highness Prince George of Cambridge. His title is a reflection of Prince William’s dukedom and works similarly to a last name as it help determine who his family is.

When Prince Charles ascends the throne, Prince George’s official royal title won’t change until the new monarch makes Prince William the Prince of Wales. As Prince Charles’s eldest son and heir apparent, Prince William will become the Prince of Wales which is marked by a ceremony. At that time, Kate Middleton will become the Princess of Wales and Prince George will become His Royal Highness Prince George of Wales — just like his father was when he was a young boy.

If Prince George is married before his father becomes king, he will receive a dukedom. However, if Prince George isn’t married by the time his father ascends the throne, he will become His Royal Highness The Prince George — but only for a short period of time. As Prince William’s eldest son and heir apparent, Prince George is also entitled to the Prince of Wales title. However, the title isn’t automatically given to him. Prince William will have to grant Prince George the status, just like Prince Charles will have to for Prince William. In addition to becoming Prince of Wales, Prince George will also adopt a new dukedom and become the Duke of Cornwall (another title given to the heir apparent).

When Prince George ascends the throne, he will change his title one more time and become His Majesty The King.

Princess Charlotte’s royal title

While Princess Charlotte’s royal title won’t change nearly as much as her big brothers, the young royal still has many title changes in her future. Like Prince George, Princess Charlotte will become Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Wales when Prince William and Kate Middleton become the Prince and Princess of Wales.

As Prince William’s eldest daughter, she also qualifies for the Princess Royal title. However, she will have to wait until her father becomes king and her Great-Aunt Anne passes away. Right now, Princess Anne is the Princess Royal and Will hold that title until her death. If Prince William ascends the throne before his aunt’s passing, Princess Charlotte will become Her Royal Highness The Princess Charlotte until the Princess Royal title becomes available.

Prince Louis’s royal title

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Prince Louis’s royal title will also change a few times in his life. Like Prince George and Princess Charlotte, he will adopt part his father’s new title when Prince William becomes the Prince of Wales and go by His Royal Highness Prince Louis of Wales. And, when Prince William ascends the throne, he will become His Royal Highness The Prince Louis.

Since Prince Louis isn’t Prince William’s eldest son, he doesn’t qualify for any special title. However, he will likely receive a dukedom upon marriage, which is one of the highest-ranked titles.

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