‘Hypocrisy overload!’ Joanna Lumley slammed by viewers over climate change documentary

Joanna Lumley says 'we can do it if every single person makes an effort'

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Joanna Lumley and the Human Swan aired on ITV on Monday evening. The documentary saw presenter meet the titular “Human Swan” Sacha Dench. The world record breaking Australian conservationist is living in the UK and is best known for travelling huge distances by paramotor – an engine-powered paraglider. However, as viewers tuned in to the one-off climate change documentary, many accused Joanna of “hypocrisy” for preaching about the impact travel can have on the environment.

Throughout the programme, Joanna met with groups of people she branded “climate heroes” as she discovered new ways to cut carbon emissions.

Encouraging viewers at home to make a difference, Joanna said: “It’s so easy to wring our hands in despair.

“But, I promise you, if we all act together it’s not too late to make a difference.

“The Human Swan is rising to the challenge. Shall we follow her?”

However, many ITV viewers were unimpressed by Joanna’s comments about how everyone can “make a difference”.

Some suggested the presenter doesn’t lead a very environmentally friendly lifestyle herself.

Upon watching the programme, viewers quickly flocked to social media to hit out at Joanna.

“Are you kidding me!!! How many travel programs has this woman done flying round the world!!! Ridiculous!! Totally jumping on the bandwagon!! Grrrrrr,” @JosephPeele3 fumed.

“@JoannaLumleyUK can f**k right off. Hypocrisy overload,” @maverick2u2 remarked.

@luccanio commented: “@JoannaLumleyUK is presently on #ITV ranting on about the great bandwagon that is #climatechange. She has in the last 6 years made no less than 8 travel documentaries that have taken to every corner of the Earth… by trains, planes and automobiles.” [Sic]

“@JoannaLumleyUK in the interest of fighting global warming, are you going vegan and cutting your air miles?? You have immense potential influence,” @somersetpeasant wrote.

Meanwhile, some viewers pointed out that the making of the documentary would have involved a lot of travel which may not have been eco-friendly.

@GK09887 said: “Joanna Lumley on ITV following a woman around who is going around the UK on an electric paraglider. She has to be followed by a crew in a van to keep her in charged batteries, then there’s Lumley and the film crew in who knows how many vehicles.”

@practiceaids agreed: “Joanna Lumley and the human swan on tv, highlighting climate change by flying around the country with a battery powered para wing, which constantly needs charging, followed by a petrol powered para wing, followed by a diesel powered support crew, + Lumley+camera crew.”

However, not all reaction to the documentary was negative, as some viewers praised Joanna for highlighting an important issue.

@AlisonTurnbull3 said: “@sachadench just watched you with Joanna Lumley. I agree with you. We can all do our part. Respect.”

“@joannalumley_ wow watching #humanswan no better celebrity to bring us show us what can be done for our planet best practices, #COP26 the slightest change in our habits can make a difference,” [Sic] @feelgudfee added.

“How brilliant to see @JoannaLumleyUK and @sachadench on @ITV this evening – such brave people and an incredibly important message. Dan was clearly a brilliant person and my heart goes out to his family. #ClimateAction #HumanSwan @C_no_borders,” @Stephy_Maia wrote.

Joanna Lumley and the Human Swan is available to stream now on ITV Hub.

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