I Can See Your Voice LIVE: Fans 'wait for Amanda to do a Sharon Stone' in daring white dress

I CAN See Your Voice starts tonight on BBC One and one of its judges, comedian Jimmy Carr, has already thought of a way viewers can get involved at home.

The cheeky chappy has said that he thinks everyone should take a shot of something every time his fellow judge Amanda Holden mentions she has a number one album to her name.

In a recent interview the 8 Out Of 10 Cats host revealed he liked to troll his co-stars.

ICSYV has been described as a The Masked Singer with a twist, it is one big lip sync/guessing game challenge.

Hosted by Paddy McGuinness, the show focuses as much on image as it does actual vocal talent.

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  • Eve Wagstaff

    Amanda is looking hot tonight. One viewer just said they were waiting for her to a “Sharon Stone” in her daring white dress.

  • Eve Wagstaff

    The way Danny just turned round to Amanda to talk about singing.


  • Eve Wagstaff

    Clearly some viewers have tuned in just to see Jimmy Carr troll the rest of the gang.

    One tweeted: “Might just be worth watching this to see Jimmy Carr roast Amanda Holden for an hour.”

  • Eve Wagstaff


  • Eve Wagstaff

    Amanda – “She's holding it [the microphone] well.”


  • Eve Wagstaff


    Danny from McFly has aged like a fine wine. That's it. That's the comment.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    Well that was quite the intro. Clearly Paddy needed quite a thorough explanation of what the show is about.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    The lovely Alison Hammond recently said it was co-judge Amanda Holden who taught her how to be sexy on set oftheir new show I Can See Your Voice.

    But while the celebrity panel have to decide whether performers are good at singing or not – it’s not the skill that Alison took home with her.

    Instead she has revealed how Amanda helped her to embrace her sex appeal while filming the show.

    Alison told Notebook magazine: “She brought a wealth of experience.

    “She didn’t really teach me about that but she taught me how to show a bit more leg! You know sitting down and how to edge the skirt up a little bit. She taught me a bit about sex appeal!”

  • Eve Wagstaff


    In addition to the loads of bad singing we'll be hearing tonight, there will also be lots of musical guest artists performing on the show.

    There is Danny Jones from McFly, Fleur East of X Factor fame, ex-BoyZone star Ronan Keating, and M People's Heather Small.

    Oops, sorry, I completely ignored the elephant in the room. X Factor's Alexandra Burke will also be performing. What a night! What a time to be alive, people.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    Joining Alison on the judging panel iscomedian Jimmy Carr, and radio presenter, actress and singer, Amanda Holdenwhile Paddy McGuinness will host the series.

    Meanwhile, Love Island's Maura Higgins will be the narrator of the show, lending her sultry Irish tones to making cheeky comments about the judges and contestants. We can't wait.

    The show will follow a famous face from the music industry and two contestants as they try to suss out the good singers from the bad. Helping them out will be Alison, Jimmy and Amanda.

    There are four rounds in total – the first is called first impressions, which is followed by a lip sync, then unlock my life and finally an interrogation.

    We can't wait for the Lip Sync. Fingers crossed for a couple of death drops.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    Apologies to all the Alison Hammond fans out there, I've barely spoken about the This Morning presenter and her part in the show.

    The Sun was recently treated to a behind-the-scenes video of the 46-year-old at ICSYV singing Wilson Pickett's Mustang Sally.

    In the short clip Alison looked stunning as ever in a black sparkly top, feather jacket and a pair of dangly earrings as she belted out the tune.

    She styled her hair into a high ponytail and completed her look with flawless face makeup and a dramatic smokey eye.

    Check out the video by clicking here.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    Speaking of trolling, apparently Jimmy Carr loved winding up his fellow judge Amanda Holden and even created a drinking game for viewers at home.

    Every time Amanda mentions she has a number one album to her name, everyone should down a shot of their favourite tipple.

    Sounds like fun to me! But if you do decide to get involved, PLEASE DRINK RESPONSIBLY – you don't want to ruin things for Monday with a two day hangover when the country comes marginally out of lockdown.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    According to Amanda, things between the three judges – she, Alison Hammond, and Jimmy Carr – occasionally got competitive. However, we expect it's safe to assume that Jimmy enjoyed trolling the panel the most.

    Alison told the BBC: “The thing is, once you get it wrong, Jimmy doesn't let you forget it. Literally, he'll be texting you that night, phoning you saying, 'You got it wrong,' so yes, there was a lot of rivalry, but it was just a delight, you really wanted to get it right.”

    “It's a shame you never did then,” quipped Carr in reply.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    In an interview with the BBC, Amanda Holden said about the performers: “The bad singers know they're bad. They're not there to be discovered as the next Adele, they're there for the £10,000.”

    Mandy also says that the laughter isn't mean-spirited because “everybody's in on the joke”.

    However, Jimmy Carr disagreed with his fellow judge a little, saying: “Well, I mean, it's laughing at them a bit. With the best will in the world, it's laughing with them.”

    Amanda also revealed she became very invested as the show went on. “At the very end, you suddenly go, 'Oh my god this has to be serious now,' because we've got to know and love the couple who are playing for the money. We've got to know all about them, their kids, their back story, and so you're really rooting for them to win,” she says.

  • Eve Wagstaff


    I Can See Your Voice starts TONIGHT at 19:20 on BBC One.

    Some TV pundits have already seen parts of the show to review and it sounds like it's going to be a hoot. One critic wrote: “On paper, I Can See Your Voice should represent a brand new low. On paper it is gaspingly superficial, cynically derivative and annoyingly repetitive. It looks like the sort of thing you would only watch drunk, and out of spite.

    “However, the amazing thing is that, despite going in expecting to hate it, I Can See Your Voice contains some of the most joyful moments I've seen on TV of late.”


  • Eve Wagstaff


    OK, OK, we're mainly looking at Amanda when we say this to see if she'll be wearing anything revealing. Judging by her previous stints as a judge on Britain's Got Talent, we know she has form for raising an eyebrow or two.

    The trio of main judges – Jimmy Carr, This Morning presenter Alison Hammond and Amanda Holden – are sure to provide plenty of entertainment throughout the show.

    Will there be sparks flying as they disagree with each other? Will there be fights?

  • Eve Wagstaff


    Comedian Jimmy Carr is one of the regular judges on the show; is it just me who can't wait to see his new hairline?

    Take Me Out star Paddy McGuiness, who is hosting the show, described the premise of I Can See Your Voice as: “You've got to guess [who is singing] by how they hold the microphone, their mannerisms, little video clips we see of their home life, and lip-sync rounds.

    “You want to leave a good singer to the very end, and get rid of the bad singers all throughout the show.”

  • Eve Wagstaff


    I Can See Your Voice has been dubbed by many as the BBC's answer to the ITV smash-hit The Masked Singer, where the identity of the singers is hidden by outlandish outfits.

    The programme has been inspired by an extremely successful South Korean equivalent, before a U.S. version of the series launched last year.

    Watch along LIVE with us when it stars at tonight at 7:20pm on BBC 1.

  • Thomas Mackie


    The show rejects the premise of just about every other singing competition, while the identity of the performer is hidden in the the likes of The Masked Singer and The Voice, everyone on stage is visible for all to see here.

    However, the twist is – judges and viewers alike can't actually hear them.

    Explained best by the show's host, Take Me Out star Paddy McGuiness, who said: “You've got to guess [who is singing] by how they hold the microphone, their mannerisms, little video clips we see of their home life, and lip-sync rounds.

    “You want to leave a good singer to the very end, and get rid of the bad singers all throughout the show.”

    Each episode will see two members of the public set the challenge of trying to determine which of the contestants is the 'good' singer. A less talented singer could still snag the £10,000 prize if they last the entirety of the show without being rumbled.

    However, if the contestants succeed in finding the good singer, then they're the ones who win the jackpot.

    The number of contestants is whittled down at the end of each round, whenthe singer who's being evicted is forced to reveal whether they can actually sing or not.

  • Thomas Mackie


    The show features three regular judges, while every week one new celebrity will take on the role of fourth guest judge.

    The trio of main judges are made up of Comedian Jimmy Carr, This Morning presenter Alison Hammond and actress & TV personality Amanda Holden.

    Holden conceded the show's philosophy is rooted in values we have been taught to reject, claiming: “It kind of goes against everything we as a society have been taught – which is, 'Try not to judge anything by its appearance.'

    “But that's exactly what we're doing, because it's all we've got.”

    Comic Carr admitted he relished the idea of the series as a chance to give viewers a different perspective on his 'edgy, near the mark comedy' image.

    He said; “It's a slightly different side of me on this, It's a very friendly show, and we all got along from the get go.

    “It feels quite joyful, I get up and dance during this, it's very much like meeting me at a wedding.”

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