I’m A Celebrity’s Adele Roberts threatens to ‘f**king deck’ Jade Goody in explosive Big Brother row

I'm A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! star Adele Roberts recently opened up on the "guilt" she feels over her explosive row with Jade Goody.

The 40 year old starred alongside Jade on the 2002 series of Big Brother, leaving the late star in tears after humiliating her for having a verruca but not knowing what it was.

A video of their argument has now re-emerged after Radio 1 DJ Adele entered the jungle alongside the likes of Caitlyn Jenner, Jacqueline Jossa and Roman Kemp.

Jade, who died from cervical cancer at the age of 27 in 2009, is seeing crying to fellow housemate Alex Sibley, who reassures her: "Adele only says that because she probably worries about it."

A sobbing Jade responds: "Yeah but that's besides the point, she basically said to me I'm mean because I have a verruca, I don't know what they are," as Adele enters the room.

Addressing Adele, Jade continued: "You said to me — I've never had it before so I don't know what it is — you said to me, in front of everybody, 'urgh, you should wear flip flops in the shower'."

A confused Adele hit back: "Did I say that? Jade, don't start me off because I didn't say that," as Jade asks her what she had said.

Adele rants: "I told you you've got fungal disease on your skin," as Alex asks her to be more tactful.

"No, I won't be a bit more tactful because she's saying stuff I didn't say. I did not day 'urgh' and, at the end of the day, it was someone else who told you you had to wear flip flops, not me. Stop making up lies. Jade, don't f**king start, I swear."

Jade repeatedly protests: "You said to me 'urgh'," as Adele maintains: "No I didn't, no I didn't.

"Jade, you've got fungus on your skin, that is it. You're drunk, you're the one talking…" before the video falls inaudible due to swearing, before returning as Adele tells Jade to "f**k off."

Adele adds: "She's sat there lying and crying like a little [inaudible]. Why are you crying? Tell me why you're crying."

Jade explains: "Because you hurt my feelings because you come in and said, 'Urgh, you're not wearing flip flops in the shower.

"That is why, not because I want attention. Adele, I actually thought I liked you."

Adele fires back: "Do you know what? I don't care if you don't like me because the way you've acted and sat there and lied about me.

"I hate people who lies, I've told you that, so don't you ever, ever lie to other people about me because I did not sit there and say 'urgh' and say 'you've got to wear flip flops. If you'd asked me if you'd have to wear flip flops…"

Jade interrupts: "I said to you, don't get lairy with me, right. I said to you, everyone in this house actually, knows that I liked you and that is why I'm crying.

"Because the person that I actually like came to me and said: 'Jade, urgh'."

The video ends with Adele storming out of the room and warning: "I'm going to f**king deck her, seriously."

Adele opened up on her row with Jade before entering the jungle, saying: "Looking back, I carried a lot of guilt about the way I acted in Big Brother and I feel like I let myself down and I could have been a much nicer person.

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"I’d like to show a better side to myself this time. To both the campmates in there by treating them better but also to come out and have a positive experience not a negative one.

"I just think I judged people when I shouldn’t have, I should have tried to get to know them a bit more and I think I probably hurt people when I didn’t realise when I was in there.

"It was only because I’ve come out that I realised that words are really powerful and you should try and build people up.

"I just let the game get to me and got too negative and I just won’t do that again this time."

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