Is Faye Windass going to bring down Ray Crosby in Coronation Street?

CORONATION Street’s residents are going to great lengths to stop Ray Crosby’s heartbreaking property development after his plans to demolish the street were approved last week. 

Fans of the ITV soap think that only Faye Windass holds the key to bringing down evil Ray after he tried to rape her. But will she speak out and secure Ray’s downfall? Here’s the lowdown…

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Is Faye going to bring down Ray in Corrie?

Corrie fans are convinced that Faye is the only one who can stop Ray after he blackmailed her into having sex with him to save her job.

One viewer tweeted: "Faye is the only person who can stop Ray! #Corrie."

Another added: "Aw faye please tell someone about what Ray did to you #Corrie."

A third fan said: "I'm so sick of Ray they need to kill him off now why doesn't Faye tell the cops what he done to her. Surely he can't get away with rape #corrie."

But viewers will of course know that Faye is facing a huge dilemma about whether to speak out after it was revealed that she’d attacked Adam Barlow thinking he was her rapist Ray. 

Will Faye speak out about Ray’s evil antics and face going to prison for attacking Adam in the process?

Speaking about whether Faye will come clean about attacking Adam, Ellie Leach – who plays Faye in the ITV soap – revealed: "I think she’s definitely at breaking point. She’s got such a huge weight on her shoulders and she doesn’t know what to do."

She added: "She’s struggling because she wants to tell people, but if she does tell people, she thinks they won’t believe her."

Who else could stop Ray Crosby in Corrie?

Tim Metcalfe

Spoilers have revealed that Faye will tell everything to her dad Tim next week when he finds her at Maria’s taking a pregnancy test. 

Faye blurts out that Ray tried to rape her, and that she attacked Adam thinking he was her rapist Ray. 

Tim then visits Gary in prison and begs him to give him all the details so they can report Ray to the police, but Gary insists that they have to keep quiet for Faye’s sake.

Will Tim reveal Ray’s true colours and risk exposing Faye's attempted murder crime in the process?

Abi Metcalfe

Fans know that Abi’s efforts to spearhead a protest against her ex hardly went to plan when she was arrested for throwing a megaphone at police officer Craig Tinker in recent episodes. 

But actress Sally Carman – who plays Abi in the soap – has insisted that her character won’t stop there and will go to war with Ray in the coming weeks.

She revealed: "Abi never does anything by halves and she feels that direct action is the way forward.

"She feels as though everyone is too prepared to roll over and give in. She enjoyed the demonstration back in December, so for her that is the way to cause Ray the most problems and she gets everyone onto a float and she is giving Ray grief on the loud hailer."

She added: "She is sure he has been bribing people but she is determined to get to the bottom of it.

"She knows she is causing herself problems but she is frustrated that the residents seem to be all too ready to throw in the towel."

Will Abi find evidence proving that Ray bribed the planning committee and secure his downfall?

Debbie Webster

Corrie bosses have hinted that Debbie might be the one to stop Ray after she turns against him in the coming weeks when she realises Abi is in grave danger.

Speaking to The Sun Online, soap boss Ian MacLeod recently revealed: "He [Ray] also becomes more desperate to get this building project over the line, because we discover he's got quite a lot riding on it. If it goes wrong, it could be curtains for him, very literally. 

"That brings Ray into conflict with his old nemesis Abi. There's some fantastic stuff there where Abi takes Ray on and her life is in a fair amount of jeopardy."

He went on to add: "That, in turn, draws in Kevin and Debbie – as they end up in Ray's crosshairs as well. 

“There's a really brilliant power struggle between Debbie and Ray, which has twists and turns – with literal life-or-death jeopardy. It's all really exciting. 

Spoilers have revealed that Debbie will begin to have doubts about her business partner next week when Ray admits that he bribed the Chairperson of the planning committee to get the green light for his scheme to demolish the cobbles.

Debbie is horrified and reminds Ray he could end up in prison. 

Might she expose his crime?

Viewers will have to wait and see.

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