Jacqueline breaks down in tears on I’m A Celeb and admits she’s ‘p***ed off’

Jacqueline Jossa was left in tears after a rift broke out in the camp amongst the celebrities as they discussed who should take part in tonight's trial.

The stars had to choose two campmates to participate in Under Critter Construction and Jac refused to take part as it wasn't "her forte", saying: "I just can't deal with the drama."

But rugby hunk James Haskell suggested names should be drawn from a hat, adding: "Ordinarily I would completely agree you need to find the best person for a job but there are a lot of people there who have self-doubt so the fairest way was to draw it out the hat."

His sly dig towards Jacqueline left the former EastEnders actress tearful as she laid in the hammock crying.

Myles and Cliff took it upon themselves to participate in the trial.

The pair returned with a triumphant eight stars, impressing their campmates.

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Following their return, Jacqueline was lying in her hammock upset and James walked over and asked if he'd upset her, but she said he hadn't.

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She said: "It's just stressful when we try and choose stuff and everyone gets so tense, I can't cope because it p***ed me off."

And James said: "I know, I'm going to take a back seat and let people decide it all."

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Jacqueline then confessed: "It makes me feel like I don't want to put my name forward because I'm scared of everything."

James reassured the star, saying: "If your name came out and you wanted to do it, you'd do it. If you didn't, you didn't."

Talking in the Bush Telegraph, Jacqueline said: "It always gets so tense when making a decision, it’s fine, tomorrow's another day."

*I'm A Celebrity continues tomorrow at 9pm on ITV

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