Jake Quickenden reveals trolls told him to 'drown' his baby son Leo during candid GMB interview

JAKE Quickenden has revealed he was left horrified when vile trolls urged him to "drown" his baby son Leo.

The reality star appeared on today's Good Morning Britain when he was asked about the nasty commentary his six-month-old son with fiancée Sophie Church has received online.

He said: "I can't get my head around it myself but again, just the way I look at things.

"I say, 'they must be going through really hard times' so rather then feel sorry for myself. I actually felt really sorry for them and that they're alright because who would do that?

The former X Factor star added: "I think the worst thing they said was, 'drown him, you should drown him'. You can't get your head around that."

When asked by host Sean Fletcher how he responds to comments like that, Jake said: "I usually swear but I can't say what I say on here.

"I think at the beginning it really got to me but the more I sat back and thought, 'there must be something going on here there's deeper issues here'.

"You kind of just have to brush it off and move forward and that's what I always try to do".

In July, the former Dancing On Ice star was bombarded with vile tweets from an account called ‘Jake Quickenden baby is ugly’.

One tweet from the account, which has now been deleted, said his son should die because he was ugly – leaving Jake’s followers furious.

Desperate to get the account removed, Jake retweeted the messages and asked the police if there was anything they could do to help.

He told his followers that the posts had pushed him too far, saying:  “Thanks guys, you know what I can take some test giving me s**t, but there’s a line you don’t cross and wishing death on a baby is just crazy behaviour .

"Whoever is behind it needs locking up, how in 2021 can we not find out who are behind these fake accounts!”

When a fan revealed their disgust, Jake replied:  “Yeah mate mad some sad jealous weirdo with nothing going for them so they wish death upon my baby…. This is why social media needs to do more, I wish I could find out who it was.”

Jake and his partner Sophie Church welcomed their first son together at the end of February of this year. 

Constant trolling

They have been subjected to an inordinate amount of trolling since his birth, which Jake says often comes from other parents.

The X Factor singer, 32, previously told his huge Instagram following that the comments were hard to ignore and have been affecting his mental health.

The popular star – who also admitted his anxiety was "through the roof" – shared the comments on his Instagram story and responded: "Just wrong. These are mums themselves! I feel sorry for them".

In another lengthy statement which has now been deleted Jake blasted the trolls and branded them "sad f***s".

"You can be the strongest person in the world but eventually people pulling you down and being sick can wear you down," he said.

"I don’t understand why anyone would be nasty to someone they didn't know especially a child I’m done with some things I've seen!!!

"It’s sick and it's by other parents as well!! Get a f*****g grip you sad f**ks".

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