James Argent reveals he’s shed four stone – and wants to swim the Channel

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James “Arg” Argent is no stranger to diets and trying to lose weight. At his biggest, he said he was 27 stone and was told by doctors he would die if he didn’t drop some of the pounds.

The TOWIE star blamed lockdown and COVID for his weight ballooning, as gyms were shut. He has been battling his weight publicly for the past 10 years.

However, Arg is now back on track after undergoing a £10,000 gastric sleeve operation and is “happier and lighter on his toes”, he said.

Appearing on Steph’s Packed Lunch on Channel 4 today, the 33-year-old also confided that at his worst he felt “horrible, always uncomfortable and couldn’t even look at myself”.

Arg continued: "It was scary being 27 stone… It was serious, doctors were telling me how dangerous it was… I knew it was something I had to address pretty quickly.”

When discussing the op, Arg said it was “nerve-wracking” but that one of the main benefits is helping him with portion control.

He said: "I can still eat what I want now, it’s down to me what I put inside my mouth. It helps me with portion control. It helps me physically, I’ve still got to do a lot of work to make sure I’m all good mentally.”

Now that he is slimmer, Arg also revealed that his dream is to swim across the English Channel, using Tyson Fury as inspiration.

Swimming has become the star’s favourite form of exercise.

Fury is Arg’s hero because he too was morbidly obese and struggled with addiction.

Arg said: “He went on to become a world champion. If I can use him to inspire me and get me across the English Channel after everything I’ve been through, that would be a dream come true.”

When questioned about his private life and appearance being splashed all over the newspapers on a regular basis, Arg conceded that it can be difficult to demand privacy when he makes a living from reality TV, but that sometimes it is hard for his parents to read things about him.

He also joked that it’s good to keep a positive relationship with exes – namely Gemma Collins and Lydia Bright – because “they’ve both probably got a bit too much on me”.

Arg added: “There were times when I was at my biggest I did feel uncomfortable about leaving the house and sometimes I’d wait until it was dark before leaving the house because I’d be conscious about having pictures taken of me taken.

“But now I’m in a place where I’m on this journey, I’m losing weight gradually and accepting the way I look now.

“I’m going to keep on with what I’m doing – health is number one and good things will come.“

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