James Martin gobsmacked after being asked for passport whilst buying tomatoes

James Martin reveals he had to show passport to buy tomatoes

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James Martin prepared his usual mouth-watering recipes on ITV’s popular cooking programme Saturday Kitchen. In the show’s latest instalment, the chef was joined by comedian Josh Widdecombe, restaurant owner Marcus Wareing and former Great British Menu winner Daniel Clifford. ITV viewers were transported to the sunny setting of Marseille, a port city in Southern France, where James whipped up a traditional Basque dish. The food expert revealed he was gobsmacked after his recent trip to a French supermarket required his passport when buying tomatoes.

Much to the chef’s excitement, James prepared his main course in an open-air motorsport race track called Circuit Paul Ricard, ditching his typical vineyards for the not-so-glamorous Tarmac.

After his recent TV appearance on Love Your Weekend with Alan Titchmarsh, the Saturday Kitchen star confessed he had quite an obsession with cars.

Looking over at the circuit, James claimed: “Now the guys here promised me if I cook this dish in 15 minutes.”

He added: “I will be allowed out there [on the race track].” 

The successful restaurant owner began to prepare his vegetables for his stew-like Piperade dish.

James revealed: “The base of a piperade really, are peppers.”

He added: “Red peppers and tomatoes.”

The celebrity cook admitted to ITV audiences: “You don’t have to be too fussy with this [recipe].” 

James told viewers at home: “This is a rustic dish, classed as a ‘peasant’ dish,

“But nowadays, chefs [have] ‘fancied’ this [recipe] up,” he added

The traditional dish, which coincidentally reflected the colours of the Basque flag, was praised by the chef for its simplicity.

He claimed it was “perfect” to cook for “a group of people”.

The TV cook explained: “Because you can almost just put it on the stove and forget about it.”

The celebrity chef stirred the red roasted peppers inside the sizzling frying pan whilst sautéing the other mixed ingredients.

James added: “Peppers in, and now for the tomatoes.”

Before purchasing his ingredients for his Piperade, James was given an unusual request by the shop’s assistant.

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