Jane the Virgin: Who plays Petra’s twins Anna and Ellie? Where are they now?

It’s fair to say that no other characters were quite as adorable as twins Anna (played by Mia Allan) and Elsa/Ellie Solano (Ella Allan) when they were first introduced to Jane the Virgin viewers in season three. The pair joined the cast to play the twin daughters of Petra (Yael Groblas) and Rafael (Justin Baldoni). The kids had no shortage of screen time, starring in over two dozen episodes of The CW series each. Here’s where they are now.

Who plays Petra’s twins Anna and Ellie?

Petra’s daughters are played throughout the series by child actors Mia and Ella Allan.

The pair joined the cast of The CW series back in 2016 when they just six.

Today, the eight-year-olds have already enjoyed a successful career in TV away from Jane the Virgin.


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Both Mia and Ella were destined for a life on-screen with their first appearances coming when they were just one-year-old.

They starred in the Golden Globe-winning series Sons of Anarchy back in 2011.

Shortly afterwards as the pair entered their toddler years, they took on roles in NBC drama Parenthood.

Mia and Ella both played the character of Nora Braverman up until 2015.

Their CVs prior to Jane the Virgin also boasts roles in How We Live and The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe.


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Following the end of Jane the Virgin, neither Mia nor Ella show any signs of slowing down when it comes to their acting.

Nowadays, the duo can be seen playing twin siblings Amy and Emma Fogerty in ABC drama-comedy Single Parents.

They also enjoyed brief stints in Big Bang Theory spin-off Young Sheldon on CBS and The Cool Kids after their Jane the Virgin experience.

Away from the screen, the Allan twins have also racked up a rather large social media following.


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The Jane the Virgin stars regular update fans on there shared Instagram account – @theallantwins.

Together, they’ve racked up an impressive 118k followers on the account, which is run by their parents.

As for their on-screen mum, actor Groblas has also landed a new role post-Jane the Virgin.

The Petra star will lead the cast in fantasy romance thriller The Selection.

Jane the Virgin is available to stream on Netflix now.

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