Jesy Nelson slams Instagram for making her nose skinny and her lips huge in filters

JESY Nelson last night took Instagram to task over its filters saying they always leave her nose looking "tiny and skinny".

The 29-year-old singer, who left Little Mix in December, used the social media site to post what she called a "rant".

She said: "So I've been going through my filters on my phone.

"I won’t lie, like I love a little Instagram filter that makes you look a bit more tanned, or makes your skin just look a little bit fresher. 

"But every filter that I’ve been on makes my nose tiny and skinny. It makes your lips huge and your eyes either a different colour or really big. 

"Why does every filter change your nose?’ ‘I really don’t understand this, because for me, your nose is like the most prominent point of your face. I feel like noses are literally what make you, you."

Warming to her theme, she continued: "I don’t understand why Instagram feels the need to literally squash your nose and make it really skinny.

"What’s wrong with a standard nose? I’m just so confused as to why whoever makes these filters thinks that that is what beautiful.

"I just think it’s bloody weird."

She then posted a shot of her with a wobbling nose emoji over her face, writing: "Embrace that nose."

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