Judge Judy Sheindlin Says She Confronted ‘Narcissist’ Man for Not Wearing His Mask in Hair Salon

Judge Judy Sheindlin isn’t afraid to bring her tough courtroom tactics into the real world, especially when it comes to protecting against the novel coronavirus.

In a recent interview with the New York Post, the TV personality shared a story about confronting a man who was not wearing his mask at a hair salon.

“I walked up to him and he looked at me and smiled,” she told the outlet. “I was wearing my mask with my smock on and my hair was dripping wet. I said to him, ‘Do you like Judge Judy? He said, ‘Oh yes,’ and I said, ‘Not after today,’ and I proceeded to lace into him about respecting other people and how other people are minding you by wearing a mask. I said to him, ‘You must be some kind of narcissist or there’s something that I don’t see that makes you unique and special.’”

“I did my own Judge Judy on him,” Sheindlin, 78, added, “And he came back to where I was putting my hat on, with his mask on, and apologized.”

She also opened up about her new court show, coming to IMDb TV — Amazon's free entertainment platform — sometime next year. The show follows her famed reality court program, Judge Judy.

“It’s a new adventure,” she said. “It will not have the same look as our broadcast program, I can tell you that. I think people want something different; it can’t be just changing the robe color.”

“I hope [the streaming show] will be as successful [as Judge Judy] and will start a new way of living in the afternoon,” Sheindlin continued. “If not, will I be disappointed? A little bit — but you can’t be a jerk if you’ve had three successful careers.”

'Judge Judy' Ending After 25 Years as Host Judy Sheindlin Preps New Show

Sheindlin announced in March on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that Judge Judy would be coming to an end and revealed she was prepping for the new show.

Judge Judy, which first premiered in 1996, is the highest-rated courtroom program in the United States, averaging roughly 9 million viewers a day. It has won three competitive Emmy awards.

The program made Sheindlin — a former prosecutor and retired family court judge who was first appointed to the bench in 1982 — a household name.

It also made her a millionaire. Back in 2018, Forbes reported Sheindlin boasted a net worth of $400 million, making her the 48th richest self-made woman in America.

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