'Kate Plus 8': One of Kate Gosselin's Ex-Boyfriends Said This Is Why He Broke Up With Her

It’s hard to believe Jon and Kate Gosselin divorced over a decade ago, as a ton has happened since then for the couple. Their marriage and home life were first brought to the public’s attention with their TLC series, Jon & Kate Plus 8. While the show was short-lived, fans loved getting a glimpse into what life was like with a set of young twins and sextuplets. Unfortunately, their messy split became fodder for tabloids for years — and we’re still hearing about what both Jon and Kate are up to today.

While Kate has seemingly tried to date others after her divorce, she hasn’t found Mr. Right, as she’s on her own dating show currently. But one of her alleged exes has recently spoken out about their relationship. Here’s what he said about their history and break-up.

Kate Gosselin is currently looking for love on Kate Plus Date

Reality TV fans may have thought Kate Gosselin was finished with the small screen for good, but she’s back with Kate Plus Date. With the help of two matchmakers and her 18-year-old twin daughters, Mady and Cara, Kate is seen going on dates and trying to find the right man for her. As Kate mentioned at the Television Critics Association press tour, “The whole thing of it was, I didn’t realize how awkward I’d feel and how this whole journey takes place. I learned so much about myself and so much about how I react to different situations. And it’s painful at times.”

As for how the kids feel about Kate’s new endeavor, according to Mady and Cara, they’re all excited for her. “We’ve been nudging her to date for years, I think, and we’re all, all eight of us are so glad that she finally is,” Mady told interviewers. But the fact that Kate is now going on reality TV to find love makes us wonder about her previous romances and flings she had post-divorce.

Rumors swirled that she used to date millionaire Jeff Prescott

Back in 2015, Entertainment Tonight notes a report from Us Weekly claimed millionaire Jeff Prescott and Kate Gosselin were together. The report even said Jeff gave Kate’s kids Christmas gifts, though he had yet to actually meet them. And while plenty of reports have claimed the two were definitely together at some point, it seems Kate is disputing this fact. Radar Online reports she recently took to Instagram to claim she was never in a relationship with Jeff at all.

Jeff spoke to Radar about his relationship with Kate, however, and according to the millionaire, the two did, in fact, have a very serious relationship. “We were talking about our future together,” he told the publication. And he even mentioned that he initially signed on to Kate Plus 8 to star as Kate’s boyfriend. As he said, “She can say she didn’t date me, but how do you qualify that if I was supposed to be on her show as her boyfriend?”

Jeff Prescott claims this is really why he broke up with Kate

It’s clear their relationship (if they even had one) didn’t work out — but Jeff Prescott has an explanation for this, too. He told Radar Online that Kate’s fame and the rumors that followed her got to him, and he no longer wanted to be associated with the drama. “My family was exposed to it, people were flooding my LinkedIn. It was too much for me,” he said.

Entertainment Tonight reported back in 2015 that Kate was totally crushed by the end of their relationship, too, though we may never know whose story to believe. Today, Jeff is married, and even Jon Gosselin seems to be doing well with his long-time girlfriend, Colleen Conrad. We’ll have to see if love is in the cards for Kate as Kate Plus Date carries on.

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