Katie Price fears son Harvey could be ‘sectioned’ and ‘injected with drugs’

Katie Price is left terrified over the realisation her son Harvey could be sectioned over his behaviour.

In new BBC documentary Katie Price: Harvey and Me, the 42-year-old reality star discovers Harvey could be sectioned under the Mental Health Act if he has a public outburst.

Harvey is partially blind, autistic and has Prader-Willi syndrome, and the programme sees Katie open up about their lives as her 18-year-old son becomes an adult.

The show sees Katie faced with tough decisions about Harvey's future as they look at options of further education colleges.

Katie is faced with the terrifying reality that Harvey could get sectioned as she reads up about the Mental Health Act online.

She meets with Isabelle Garnett whose son autistic Matthew spent 15 months under section in a mental health inpatient unit.

Katie says: "This is bad. Hearing some stories on people who have been sectioned is awful."

"I can see they've got similarities to what Harv is like. They were scared."

Matthew Garnett would bang his head on the door and could not leave until he was quiet, which was impossible with his anxiety.

Katie says: "Imagine Harvey being sectioned, being put in a room. He wouldn't cope. That would finish anyone off, surely."

Isabelle tells Katie: "When your child is sectioned it's like you lose all your rights as a parent and they lose all their human rights."

She continues: "He was drugged and that's another form of chemical restraint. The guilt I felt that my son was in this place.

"Even though it wasn't my fault and I couldn't control it I just felt such guilt I couldn't protect him."

Eventually, Matthew was released after a case review found his sectioning was predictable and preventable.

Katie Price: Harvey and Me airs Monday on BBC One at 8.30pm

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