Katie Price in feud with neighbours who 'called the police and accused her of breaking lockdown rules'

KATIE Price is in an ongoing feud with her neighbours who she claims have called the police and accused her of breaking lockdown rules.

Talking exclusively to The Sun, Katie says that the constant complaints from neighbours and visits from police are "really p***ing me off".

"The police must know – we have had the police knocking at our door more times than we have had hot dinners," she said at the launch of her new range of bath bombs called Scented By Katie Price today.

The mum-of-five insists that she is really careful around coronavirus restrictions because her mum Amy and son Harvey are both at "very high risk" from the deadly bug.

Amy suffers from the incurable lung disease, idiophatic pulmonary fibrosis, that means she has been shielding amid the pandemic. 

And Harvey has autism and struggles with the excessive appetite caused by his genetic condition ­Prader-Willi Syndrome, so he is at higher risk because of his 29 stone weight.

"Because he is a big boy you can just hear him breathing," she explains.

"Even if he gets a cold that is bad. If he gets Covid it would probably finish him off.

"That is not a joke. So we are really, really, really careful."

When Katie returned from The Maldives last month with her boyfriend Carl Woods she was careful to isolate – but neighbours sent the police to check.

"When we came back from The Maldives they were knocking to see if we were isolating," she said.

"Of course we were isolating."

But despite Katie's care around the rules and restrictions, she thinks her neighbours get confused by her social media.

"People keep saying… because you know when they see Instagram and stuff, YouTube, stuff we filmed stuff ages ago and we put it on… people say there's people in the house," she said.

"We have had the same police officers. I say: ‘Why do you believe everyone who rings you up?’

"There are obviously neighbours or something that have got it in for me."

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