Khloe Kardashian 'upset' by Tristan Thompson cheating rumors but is 'standing by' him amid feud with his 'baby mama'

KHLOE Kardashian is "standing by" Tristan Thompson after he was plagued by cheating rumors.

The KUWTK star, 36, is reportedly "upset" by the allegations but has no plans to leave Tristan.

A source told E! News: "Khloe is not leaving him."

"Khloe obviously gets upset when rumors are spread about Tristan being unfaithful, but the dust has settled a bit and they are still together."

The insider added that Khloe believes Tristan was "faithful" to her.

The pair are reportedly "still very much a couple and Khloe is standing by Tristan".

Last month model Sydney Chase, 23, claimed Tristan cheated on Khloe after their reconciliation.

Sydney claimed on a podcast that she had a sexual relationship with  Tristan, who had allegedly lied about being single.

The Boston Celtics player reportedly accused Sydney of being a “liar" for alleging a months-long sexual relationship.

There's been more drama in the form of Kimberly Alexander, a woman who has repeatedly claimed Tristan is the father of her son and earlier this week "faked" a DM from Khloe.

Khloe has reportedly threatened to sue Kimberly, with her lawyer sending her a cease and desist letter.

According to TMZ, the letter reads: "You put words in her mouth that she never said and that she wouldn’t say.

"You faked the whole thing. And you have now publicly admitted it."

It also shut down Kimberly's claims that the lab which conducted Tristan's paternity test was a "Kardashian affiliated facility".

It says: "It is no such thing. It is one of the most reputable labs in the country, and your own lawyers approved it and accepted the test results."

Earlier this week, Kimberly shared a screenshot of a DM allegedly from Khloe in which the reality star said they should get another paternity test.

The message reads: "Hey. Let's talk. Listen at this point I really want to get this resolved. I'm not trying to drag this any longer.

"How can we set up a second test and be done with this. We all know T is a liar how can we do this and put it behind us?"

However, sources told DailyMail that Kimberly sent the message to herself and photoshopped it to look like it came from Khloe's profile.

An insider said: "Kimberly's doctored it to make it look like Khloe DM’d her, but Khloe never did.

"In fact, she has been messaging Khloe, and Khloe has not been responding to recent DMs and tags by Kimberly."

The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star hinted at the drama on Monday evening, when she tweeted: "I mean…. the extent people go through."

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