Kristian Alfonso Shades Days Ahead of Exit: It's Not the Same Show Anymore

Kristian Alfonso is shedding additional light on her decision to exit Days of Our Lives after nearly four decades of playing Hope.

In a new interview in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, the daytime legend echoes the explanation she had given Entertainment Tonight earlier this month: she quit Days after her bosses suggested pulling her from the show for five months. But in the Soap Opera Digest Q&A, she cryptically added, “In the last few years, Days of Our Lives is not the Days of Our Lives as I know it.”

Alfonso also confirmed that she shot her final episode last winter before Days shut down production due to the coronavirus — and before she made her decision to leave. As a result, Hope will exit with a whimper vs. a bang. “I would have liked to have given the fans that have been so devoted to Days all of these years a final goodbye,” she admits, “and not, ‘Oh, she’s out looking for someone,’ or ‘She’s upstairs cleaning her room’ or ‘She’s taken a trip.’”

But Alfonso — whose final episode is slated to air Oct. 15 — insists she will not be returning to give Hope a proper sendoff. Not now. Not ever. “I’m not coming back,” she maintains to Digest. “I’ve had a great run and so many wonderful moments on the show and worked with so many wonderful people. It’s time for me to start a new chapter professionally. The time has come.”

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