Line of Duty finale lands record 12.8 million viewers making it the most watched drama episode since records began

THE Line Of Duty finale landed a record 12.8 million viewers – making it the most watched drama episode since records began.

The incredible finale managed to rack in 56.2% of the UK's TV audience on Sunday night, according to overnight figures.

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This is the most watched episode of any drama since records began in 2002, according to the BBC.

Only an episode of ITV's police drama Heartbeat reached similar figures, gaining 13.2 million in February 2001.

However, Line Of Duty's figures are likely to be even higher, as even more people are likely to watch it on iPlayer.

Series six of the hit BBC crime drama concluded on Sunday evening with the revelation that bungling bent copper Det Supt Ian Buckells was H.

The incompetent detective, played by actor Nigel Boyle, had hidden in plain sight since he first appeared in series one in 2012 because no one thought the “blundering fool” capable of being a crook.

The BBC has refused to confirm or deny whether any future series have been formally commissioned, leaving dedicated fans worried they may have watched their last ever episode of the cop drama.

Meanwhile, others are furious that the series six finale could be how the show ends, and have demanded another one to make up for what they consider an "underwhelming" conclusion.

One irate viewer wrote on Twitter: "Well how underwhelming was that??!!! #LineofDutyFinale #LineOfDuty still left open for another series as there must be people higher up? But that episode just never got going."

Another tweeted: "The only way that was a good ending is if there’s another series. If there isn’t, well #LineOfDuty."

A third wrote to creator Jed Mercurio: "I have watched the show since the first episode. I think you are a creative genius but please please please do another season…can't be ending it like that."

Meanwhile another added: "We didn’t get the ending we deserved surely there’s going to be another series."

While Jed or the BBC have yet to confirm the fate of the series, The Sun understands lead star Martin Compston, 36, who plays anti-corruption officer DI Steve Arnott, signed a two series deal which he is only halfway through.

Far from being a criminal mastermind, Buckells himself said he hadn’t conceived of any crimes, just helped to organise them. He said: “That’s their doing – I just pass things on.”

Instead he claimed that most of the shots were called by criminal kingpin Tommy Hunter, who is revealed in this series as being the father AND uncle of Acting Chief Supt Jo Davidson, played by Scot actress Kelly Macdonald.

He was killed in series two with help from DI Lindsay Denton, played by Keeley Hawes, but not before he’d groomed his niece and daughter to be a mole inside the police.

Buckells said: “Tommy Hunter was the top man. After he went they all split into their own OCGs. I just pass on the orders.”

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