Little People’s Isabel Roloff shades sister-in-law Audrey by claiming the US is ‘free only for white people’ – The Sun

LITTLE People, Big World star Isabel Roloff shades her sister-in-law Audrey by claiming the US is 'free only for white people'.

The podcast host has been keeping her distance from her sister-in-law Audrey amid the recent drama.

Isabel, 22, took to Instagram to showcase just how she felt about the Fourth of July in the midst of the Black Lives Matter protests against police brutality.

Jacob Roloff's wife shared various Instagram stories expressing her feelings about the holiday with one reading: "The United States has kids in cages.

"F**k your Fourth of July."

She then shared a much more personal view of the holiday and wrote: "I never in my life cared for this holiday.

I recognize other people love it. Nothing against those folks at all.

"However, I think it's very important to recognize that this is predominantly the 'land of the free' only for white people.

"So while you light your sparkles, watch your fireworks, and wear your red, white, and blue … recognize that it's a privilege too."

Ironically enough her post came at the same time that her sister-in-law, Audrey – Jeremy Roloff's wife – posted pictures of their small family celebrating the Fourth of July.

With two pictures of her, the former TLC star, and their two children posing in their home, the 28-year-old shared: "Happy 4th of July!!

"So grateful to live in the land of the free because of the brave. God bless America."

She also shared a snap of her two kids – Ember and Bode – sitting on their couch with a pillow decorated with the American flag.

Isabel and her husband, Jacob, have been publicly fighting with his brother Jeremy and sister-in-law Audrey.

Audrey posted Black Lives Matter posts with no call to action or information on how fans could work with the movement, which infuriated Jacob.

Jacob raged: "Things like this are very, very bad.

"White people with moneyed cameras and moneyed families using black music, black message, black faces, to spread police propaganda and white Christian voices while contributing nothing to the movement, no call to donation, no call to action; only empty gestures and fancy platitudes.

"This is not activism!" he concluded, and included a link to donate to a fund in George Floyd's daughter's name.

Isabel also chimed in, supporting her husband.

Inside Little People Jacob and Isabel's years-long feud with Jeremy and Audrey

Jacob, an “agnostic”, has clashed with Jeremy and Audrey, who are Christian, over their conservative views since their marriage in 2014.

The youngest Roloff sibling has vocally supported liberal policies such as racial injustice and gun control since he was a teenager.

Meanwhile, Audrey has come under fire over the years for her controversial comments, including her past “anti-gay” remarks.

She also slammed Jacob and Isabel for having extramarital relations and getting engaged too quickly.

Audrey infamously took shots at Isabel and Jacob in past years, criticizing them for living together before marriage.

She said: "Let’s just say you recently hurried into a relationship, dabbled with sexual intimacy, and then became emotionally attached.

“As time passes, your friends and family may raise concerns about the person you’re dating.

“But you won’t be able to rationalize with them because all you will see is perfection. This is a titanic problem."

Both Jeremy and Jacob quit the show and have maintained a rather private life away from the limelight.

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