Love Island 2019's Amy Hart spent £20k on surgery makeover with boob job, veneers and hair extensions before joining show

LOVE Island star Amy Hart splashed out £20,000 on transforming her look before her stint in the villa.

The air hostess, 26, treated herself to a complete overhaul with new boobs, pearly white veneers and glamorous blonde hair extensions.

Amy, from Worthing in West Sussex, went under the knife after feeling "self conscious" about her chest size.

She borrowed £5,000 from her grandparents in order to have the operation, which cost around £7,000.

She told The Mirror: "I'd always wanted my boobs done. I grew up in the era of Katie Price. I hated how I looked in clothes."

And her new boobs were almost half the cost of her full set of veneers.

The reality TV star spent a whopping £13,000 to improve her smile – with each tooth costing around £650.

But despite their hefty price tag, Amy insisted she has no regrets, dishing: "I've got 20 veneers, they need redoing.

"I had gappy teeth as a child because I had braces. My mum had bad teeth her whole life so she let me have them."

And Amy admitted if it weren't her pricey smile she never would have applied for the reality show, adding: "Everything I've done in my life – my job, pageants and applying for this – I would never have done if I hadn't had my teeth done."

The telly beauty has also had a little extra help with her luscious blonde locks, forking out on hair extensions to liven up her previous bob cut.

But despite all the money she's spent transforming her look, Amy recently said she thinks there'll be more attractive women in the villa – though reckons her personality will be a winner.

She's also hoping to find "The One" after claiming Steps song Tragedy best sums up her love life.

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