Love Island fans sure Hugo’s ‘liked Chloe all along’ after brutal recoupling

Love Island fans think they've uncovered the reason Hugo Hammond hasn't yet found love.

Eagle-eyed viewers are certain that the PE teacher had the hots for Chloe Burrows all along which is why he couldn't gel with anyone else so far.

Calling out his strategy, fans swarmed Twitter with their views following the jaw dropping re-coupling that left Chloe almost facing the chop.

"Hugo playing captain save-a-chloe was a tactical move, he's been PLOTTING on this moment. This man has had a strategy the entire time. His #LoveIsland journey starts NOW," said one online user.

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Sharing a picture of the sexy police challenge that saw Chloe snog Toby in front of Kaz Kamwi instead of him another fan chimed: "Hugo's been plotting that speech ever since this moment #LoveIsland

"Me voting for Hugo and Chloe next time voting is open because they are absolute icons #loveisland," chimed a third.

"Plot twist: Hugo actually wanted Chloe all this time #LoveIsland," read a forth.

While a fifth person penned: "Hugo's liked Chloe this whole time hasn't he? I sense a plot afoot #LoveIsland."

Thursday's episode of the ITV favourite saw much drama unfold – with Chloe and Toby Aromolaran romance hitting the rocks after the pro-footballer had be willing to "get to know" new girl Abigal Rawlings.

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Toby was then faced with a difficult decision after a shock re-coupling was announced.

Ahead of the re-coupling he told Abigail that he had planned to "pull back" from both situations so that he could be himself and have fun.

Soon after airing his thoughts islanders were asked to gather at the fire pit.

All other stars of the show had already coupled-up with those they had been getting to know and getting on well with.

Leaving just Toby and Hugo remaining to make a selection with Chloe, Abigal and Georgia Townend all vulnerable for eviction.

Toby stepped up first opting to dump Chloe for the stunning bombshell tattoo artist.

Completely outraged by Toby's behaviour, he slammed his conduct in an emotive speech that left contestants with open jaws.

Hugo said: "If I'm completely honest, she doesn't deserve to be treated the way she has been these past 24 hours and I firmly believe that a lot of this 'test' stuff is complete bull****.

"You deserve someone who is honest and communicate with you. And, who knows what could happen, stranger things have happened.

"So the girl I would like to couple up with is Chloe."

Love Island airs weekdays at 9pm on ITV2.

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