Love Island fans turn on Molly-Mae branding her ‘money made’ and cash hungry

Love Island fans have turned on Molly-Mae Hague, branding her "money made" and desperate to win the show.

The 19 year old is a social media star and lists her occupation as an Instagram influencer.

As part of her work, Molly-Mae records YouTube videos plugging various products from make-up to clothing companies.

One of the video has been given a makeover by cheeky Love Island fans, who've dubbed the star "money made".

They added comedy subtitles to one of her clips, replacing her name with the words "money made".

One fan tweeted the meme out and wrote: "'My name is money made' yeah just like the relationship between YOU and Tommy."

Molly-Mae and Tommy have officially become boyfriend and girlfriend in the villa, and even said "I love you" to each other.

However, many viewers are not convinced the romance is genuine and they're convinced Molly-Mae is more concerned about winning than finding true love.

They are even joking that the social media star is likely to ditch Tommy during the final and steal the prize money for herself.

One wrote: "Can’t wait for Molly-Mae to win the show and not split the prize money."

Another tweeted: "You know molly-mae's gonna steal that mf money ."

A third added: "Molly-Mae is deffo keeping the money if they win."

Others are convinced Molly-Mae is pulling all the strings and giving Tommy instructions on how they can clinch the prize.

One explained: "The facts are: Molly-Mae is clever and Tommy is dumb.

"She wants to win the prize money and she is instructing Tommy on what to do.

"They are not in love with each other and they will never be! They are in love with £25k each!"

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