Love Island fans unimpressed with newcomer Tom Walker for telling Anna Vakili, 28, she ‘looks good’ for her age

Love Island’s Anna Vakili went for a date with newcomer Tom Walker, in which they discussed their ages.

Viewers were left in shock after Tom, 29, told Anna she “looked good” for 28 years old.

One person wrote: “'You look good for 28', it's not like she's in her sixties. #LoveIsland.”

Another said: “You look good for 28” hardly a fifty year old! #LoveIsland”.

Others said: “Im 28” … “you look good” HANG ON SORRRY WHO KEEPS SAYING 28 IS OLD!!!!!! #LoveIsland” and: “I’m 28 – you look good. I’M SORRY WHEN DID 28 BECOME OLD???? LOL give me a break #LoveIsland.”

Another commented: “If a guy tells me I look good for my age at 28 I’m actually walking away from the table #LoveIsland.”

Elsewhere on the episode, the coupled-up Islanders in the villa were informed that they needed to deliberate in their couples and decide who they think are the two least compatible couples.

The two couples who received the most votes – Lucie and Joe and Anton and Elma –risk being dumped from the Island.

While each couple evaluated the compatibility of the others, they also considered the possibility of being deemed an incompatible match by their fellow Islanders.

Speaking with Tommy, Molly-Mae said: “I do think we’re a bit in trouble. I think there will definitely be people picking us.”

Tommy replied: “We have had our moments but you can’t really say we’re not compatible.”

Similarly, Joe felt the heat after recently voicing his doubts to his fellow Islanders about coupling-up with Lucie.

He said to Lucie: “Who do you reckon is going to vote for us? I reckon there will be a few.”

Lucie replied: “We’ve been here from the start. You can see there are true feelings.”

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