Love Island girls gobsmacked as new boy Brett enters villa in surprise twist

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Love Island fans – and the girls in the villa – were in for a treat on Tuesday night when yet another new guy joined the show.

The preview for the episode showed Chloe Burrows and Priya Gopaldas spotting him in the garden from the balcony, and going completely wild.

But viewers had to wait until much further into the episode to get a proper glimpse of him, apart from a few shots of his abs in the intro.

New boy Brett Staniland's arrival comes just after Priya and fellow bombshell Aaron Simpson landed in the villa, with producers seemingly hoping to ramp up the drama in the final two weeks.

Brett, a 27-year-old PHD student and model from Derbyshire, has never had a serious relationship and worries that he's being "left back" while his mates settle down and have kids.

He's got his eye on Millie Court and Kaz Kamwi and "maybe" Mary Bedford, but counts his celebrity crush as Jennifer Lopez.

Brett is actually a twin and his brother is his "identical mirror twin".

He explained: "Our hair naturally parts the other way, I'm left handed, he's right handed, he's left footed and I'm right footed.

"There's some blemishes on our skin which are perfectly opposite.

"I'm older by two minutes."

The brothers would often get in trouble at school by swapping classes, but their friends could never keep quiet about their plans.

He went on: "Our parents got called in once because they thought we'd cheated on a test because we'd scored the exact same result and even the questions we'd got wrong, we'd put the same thing.

"But we were sat on opposite sides of the room, we couldn't possible have cheated."

Brett says his friends and family would describe him as "sarcastic", saying: "I'd like to think they'd say nice things like I'm generous and caring. But they know I can be quite stubborn."

It was confirmed that the final episode will air on August 23, so there is now less than a fortnight for the islanders to secure their connections in the villa.

Despite being late arrivals though, the likes of Priya, Brett and Aaron could be in with a shot of reaching the final.

In the fifth series, Greg O'Shea entered the villa on day 44 and went on to win alongside Amber Gill, while India Reynolds, who also entered the same day, came third with Ovie Soko.

If Brett's hoping to make it to the end, though, he'll have to pry Millie away from Liam Reardon, Kaz from Tyler Cruickshank and Mary from new guy Aaron.

However it seems he isn't going down too well with viewers just yet, after he reclined on a sun lounger in the garden before coughing to get the attention of the girls.

One said: "Anyone else already doesn't like Brett? I don't know I just don't like how he came in."

A second wrote: "Saying goodbye to Abi and Dale just for this I can't believe."

And a third added: "For someone to come in now and cause trouble he would literally have to look like Alex Bowen, and Brett just ain't it."

Love Island airs nightly at 9pm on ITV2

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